10 Thoughts That Go Through Every Dog Parent’s Mind When They Hear Fireworks

10 Thoughts That Go Through Every Dog Parent’s Mind When They Hear Fireworks

Summer is a magical season filled with backyard BBQs, outdoor adventures, and glorious holidays. And, unfortunately for dog parents and dogs alike, it also means lots and lots of fireworks — and therefore scared, anti-social pups like this one.


And fireworks are happening all. summer. long. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, heck… some people just set them off on a hot Tuesday night for no reason at all (I’m looking at you, neighbor across the street). As all pup parents know, our dogs aren’t exactly fond of these “little” celebrations. Here are 10 things that have probably gone through your mind when you see (and hear and smell) the impending doom of a firework:

1. Shit. I think I just heard a firework.


2. Maybe it wasn’t a firework? Just a one-time noise that sounded exactly like one?


3. Nope, those are fireworks all right. Looks like we should settle in for a long night, team.


4. Maybe my dog won’t be as loud? Maybe I’m blowing his reaction out of proportion?


5. Nope, no I’m not. Here he goes. Poor guy. He’s so scared.


6. He’s also… so loud.


7. Do I still have those sedatives from New Year’s Eve?


8. I mean for me. I need a sedative.


9. Maybe if we hold each other while we both cry, it’ll make time pass faster? Yes, that’s all we can do. Cuddle each other until the reign of terror is over–


10. Ooh, look! A big gold one! Dang, I love fireworks. But don’t worry — I love you more, little buddy.


For helpful tips on how to keep your pup calm, cool and collected during these loud summer nights, check out this awesome infographic, courtesy of K9 of Mine:


Featured image via @extraspecialteaching/Instagram