12 Tips To Help You And Your Dog Throw The Greatest Party Of Your Lives

12 Tips To Help You And Your Dog Throw The Greatest Party Of Your Lives

Summertime parties with your pup are the best. Especially compared to winter gatherings.

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It’s like, why did I even leave the house, you know? But now that wonderful summer is in full swing, why not throw a slammin’ summer bash for your dog and all their best dog friends? Here are 12 ideas to get the party started.

1. Build a Doggie Water Park 

Get step by step instructions on how to create your own doggie splashpad here.


2. Create A Toy Filled Pup-Sicle

Keep the dogs busy by freezing their favorite toys in a Ziploc tub full of water! More info on how to do that courtesy of Ziploc’s Facebook page!

3. Make Some Pup Pops

Create a summer treat by freezing dog-friendly foods (think bananas, peanut butter, plain yogurt) in a popsicle or ice mold. For an extra treat, use a Milkbone for the Popsicle handle!


4. Enjoy That Pool Time

Fill a pool with water-proof toys, or play a game of fetch with this floating shark toy!


5. Play A Refreshing Game Of Fetch

Make fetch even more fun by playing with BarkShop’s very own Arctic Freeze Ball — it’s filled with purified water and can be frozen for extra cool fun!


6. Break Out The Cool Wrap Bandanas

These Cool Wrap Bandannas aren’t your ordinary bandannas. Getting ’em wet keeps the dogs cool for hours.


7. Keep An Eye On Those Paws

Keep paws safe from hot pavement with this Lavender Paw Balm from Opie & Dixie.

paw balm

8. Dress For The Occasion 

Ensure your dog is the best dressed of the bunch with this Hawaiian button-down from Lucy & Co.

9. Set Aside Some Chew-Time

Encourage your dog to cool off in the shade by providing him with a pretzel chew to nom on.


10. Go CRAZY On The Decor

Use these dog-themed printables from Etsy to spice up any summer time bash you and your pup are hosting.


11. Stay Hydrated

Keep a small bowl (like this BarkMade Dog Bowl) with you and make sure your dog gets plenty of water. (Pssst! Our BarkMade bowls also make a great popsicle mold, just sayin’.)


12. Make an Ice tub

Have a few pups that are too scared of the deep end? Fill up a kiddie pool! For an extra cool time, toss in a few bags of ice.


Be safe, have fun, and get crazy!

Featured image via @classyaspup/Instagram