Here’s Your Chance To Own An Army Of Tiny, Felted Dogs…For Whatever Reason

Here’s Your Chance To Own An Army Of Tiny, Felted Dogs…For Whatever Reason

As self-professed “crazy dog people,” we don’t judge other dog lovers for doing things that are…odd. Getting a tattoo of your dog? Hell, yeah! Taking an awkward family photo with your dog? Uh…sure, why not? Creating tiny, felted sculptures of your dog? O…kay.


But judgmental humor aside, needle-felted dog sculptures are actually a thing, and they’re pretty darn popular. Etsy seller HiMeg sells custom, made-to-order sculptures within the $50-$180 range, and Etsy seller CraftBirds sells her own “fluffier” form of felted sculptures for $70.

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I mean, you have to admit — they’re kind of cute.


All you have to do is send the sculptor/seller a picture of your dog and sit back while they knit you a masterpiece. You can choose what pose you want your dog to do, their facial expression, and more. The finished product is shipped to your house in a decorative box where it can be gifted to a friend or live on as a weird decorative item you’re forced to explain to friends whenever they come over.


But the best thing about these tiny sculptures? You can now build the mini-mutt army of your dreams. Together you’ll smite your enemies, and defeat the cats. *battle howl*


Featured image via @blenheim