5 Simple Tricks To Get Your Dog To Love Grooming Sessions

5 Simple Tricks To Get Your Dog To Love Grooming Sessions

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No matter how much we love them, any pup parent will admit that sometimes our dogs just straight up STANK.

Even if your dog loves water, when it comes time for a little rub-a-dub-dub action even the most amphibious pooch can… disappear. These 5 easy tips will help make bath time a whole lot easier for the both of you!

#1: Prepare Your Pup
Most dogs aren’t particularly fond of bath time or of getting a haircut. Mentally preparing your pup is the best way to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. For some dogs, that means keeping them calm and relaxed, but for most anxious dogs, the best prep is an extra-exhausting play session which will leave them too worn out to worry about a little bubble bath.


#2: The Warm Up
Every though your dog trusts and adores you, the sight or sound of clippers can make even the most macho mutt turn to mush. Before you start shaving, it’s a great idea to give your dog a warm-up massage or belly rub. Not only will it relieve tension and set them at ease, it will also get them reacquainted with your touch — before you bring in the shears.


#3: Be Efficient
We’re not suggesting you rush through the grooming session and risk a botched haircut (or worse!), but just be aware of the fact that your dog wishes this was over, like, yesterday. Make a game plan before you start to ensure you spend as little time as possible performing the actual trim — and as much time as possible helping your dog forget alllll about it.


#4: Who’s A Good Boy?!
Be sure to talk your dog through the grooming session and offer plenty of positive reinforcement. Nothing eases a dog in a stressed state like knowing how happy they are making their human.


#5: Treat Time
Nothing says “bathwater under the bridge” like showering your freshly shorn pup with tasty morsels. Make sure you reward your squeaky clean pipsqueak with treats or a toy to turn every grooming experience into a happy one.


Featured image via @Fellundco/Instagram