Toast’s New Book Is The Summering In Style Bible

Toast’s New Book Is The Summering In Style Bible

Her trademark grin has graced the pages of Us Weekly and The New York Times, she pens her own column for People and has appeared on Today and Good Morning America. She’s the face of Karen Walker’s 2015 eyewear campaign and has a modeling career that rivals the likes of Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss (whom she calls a close friend.)


With a schedule this jam-packed you might think Toast wouldn’t know much about taking it easy. And you’d be dead wrong. Toast is the dog to ask when it comes to kicking back and summering in style.

Although she didn’t always live such a glamorous life — sadly both Toast and her trusty sidekick Muppet were puppy mill rescues — Toast has transformed into a tastemaker in all things fabulous. In her new book ToastHampton, Toast (and her mom / translator Katie Sturino) shows us how to do the Hamptons right — modeling her favorite brands, hitting up her favorite spots, and basking in the sunshine everywhere she goes.


Toast’s favorite trends of the moment are, “Anything with an urban matador vibe. She is also going to be kicking off the summer with a new straw tote from Parker Thatch and, as always, her Karen Walker sunnies.”


Toast’s idea of the perfect Sunday is to “go for a walk, read the New York Times on the couch, go to brunch with friends, order egg whites and proceed to eat all of the french toast that was ordered for the table, go home, nap and binge watch a show.”


And as for Summer romance, Toast is looking forward to spending a Hamptons-style honeymoon with her new hubby Finn!


To learn all of her secrets for the ultimate over-the-top Summer vacation, pick up a copy of ToastHampton, on sale May 24th, 2016!