13 DIY Treats So You Can Give Your Pup Their Very Own Fall Feast

13 DIY Treats So You Can Give Your Pup Their Very Own Fall Feast

Fall has just begun! So begins the season of cooler days, crunching through crisp leaves and looking at beautiful foliage! Help your pup celebrate this mellow season with yummy fall inspired treats.

1. Pumpkin Oatmeal Spice Treats

Pumpkins and spice and everything nice! That’s what these treats are made of. You can whip some up for your pup right here.


2. Sweet Potato Chew Treats

These treats are tasty and also keep your pup busy! Find this delicious recipe here.

Make Sweet Potato Dog Treats

3. Autumn Leaf Dog Treats

These leaf shaped treats are fun, festive and totes yummy in your dog’s tummy! The how-to guide can be found over at My Dog’s Breakfast.


4. Candy Corn

Try this cookie version of a classic fall favorite. Now candy corn isn’t just for humans. Here’s a tasty recipe to make these corny treats. 😉

5. Potato Crust Quiche

For the gourmet pup lover who loves to spoil their pup, this recipe is for you.


6. Apple Donuts

Your dog will be asking you, “Donuts? For me? Finally!” That’s right! These apple flavored donuts are sure to be a hit! They can be made gluten free if needed. Make your own here.


7. Carrot Cake Dog Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Icing

These fancy veggie infused cupcakes are sure to please any furry friend. What’s more got a pup’s birthday around the corner? Win pup parent of the year with this recipe by Dog Treat Kitchen.


8. Nutty Bacon Treats

You can NEVER go wrong with bacon. This recipe is a definite crowd pleaser.


9. Pumpkin Biscuits

Nothing says fall like pumpkin! Make them in the shape of a dog and boom, instant classic. Get the recipe here.


10. Fresh Apple Treats

Did you happen to go apple-picking with your pup? Take those fresh picked apples from the orchard and whip up some scrumptious apple treats! The recipe is available here.


11. Carrot & Banana Treats

Carrots and bananas make a perfect combo in this healthy snack. 17 Apart has the recipe waiting right here.

Natural Carrot and Banana Dog Treats

12. Banana Bread

Who says humans are the only ones who get to enjoy the ABSOLUTE mouth-watering deliciousness that is banana bread? Give your pup a special fall present and make them the treat that’ll have them going BANANAS.


13. Squash and Parmesan Bites

This dish gets four paws up! The recipe can be found here.