16 Things Only Jack Russell Parents Understand

16 Things Only Jack Russell Parents Understand

JRT parents know: these pups are as smart, talented, and energetic as they come. Having a JRT in your brood is an honour and a full-time job. Historically bred for hunting, Jack Russell Terriers are as brilliant as they are athletic, to the point where sometimes it’s hard to remember that you’re the boss… well, you are… right?

If you’re a lucky JRT hooman, you’ll know what we mean when we talk about…
1) That feisty nature – a true never say die attitude.

photo 1 (1) Image via Instagram

2) They’re proper athletes, most certainly MVP of the pooch world.

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3) They never let long legs….

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4) Or short legs stop them from anything.

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5) And being vertically challenged doesn’t mean they can’t reach impressive heights.

jrtflyImage via therealjackrussell


6) These adventurous canines don’t like to do things the conventional way.

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7) And they can be too stubborn for their own good.

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8) But they are somehow still playful in their moments of rebellion.

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9) And one look at their soulful eyes makes it hard to be cross…

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10) Even when they’re being slightly devilish.

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11) “Clever” is every JRT’s middle name.

 photo 2 (3)Image via Facebook

12) And left to their own devices they can be quite “creative”.

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14) A JRT will always let you know what they are thinking.

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15) And they want to know what’s on your mind, too…

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15) As serious as they can be, they’re always good for a laugh.

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16) Ultimately, a JRT will run your house because they think they’re better than you… and they’re probably right.

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