These Dogs Are Superstars: Meet the Founding Pups of BarkPack UK

These Dogs Are Superstars: Meet the Founding Pups of BarkPack UK

Introducing BarkPack, our tail-wagging new community of British top dogs! Think of BarkPack as our best of Blighty ambassadogs, our favourite scruffy supawstars. It’s #dogsofinstagram of royal pawportions!

Say hi to our fluffalicious founding pups!

1. Sharpei Joey

sharpeijoey2Image via Instagram

Joey the Shar Pei needs no introduction. Joey of ‘can’t-handle-the-cuteness!’ Supawman fame. Joey of endless love handles! Joey the Instagram pupstar with over 40,000 followers!
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sharpeijoey1Image via Instagram

Fun fact! Watch out – Joey’s a total fart machine!

sharpeijoey3Image via Instagram

2. Amber the Cavachon

ambercavachon2Image via Instagram

This 3-year-young Cavalier Bichon babe has only been on Instagram since November but has been melting hearts daily since. Look at those eyes! She loves hamming it up for the camera but really, really loves running around the house like a loony tunes.
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ambercavachon1Image via Instagram

Fun fact! This stunning blonde was actually born ginger (Amber, ginger…geddit?)

ambercavachon4Image via Instagram

3. Marcel Le Corgi

marcellecorgi2Image via Facebook

Je t’aime Marcel…and really who isn’t obsessed with this pawfectly petit Pembroke Welsh Corgi? In between sniffing derrieres and eating les treats, this French-English pooch travels around the UK and Europe and even has his own Facebook travel series  – Le CorGuide, naturellement!
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marcellecorgi3Image via Facebook

Fun fact! Marcel is bilingual and barks in French and English! Le woof!

marcellecorgi1Image via Facebook

4. Buddy the Boston 

buddy3Image via Instagram

The small pup with the big ears may look like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, but behind those loveable eyes lies a cheeky chappy. His favouritist thing in the world to do? Playing pranks with his best buddy Clarence the Rough Collie, and ganging up on their Nan’s extremely grumpy dog, Holly. Case in point: taking a poop in her food bowl! Result? An even grumpier Holly, thankyouverymuch!
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buddy2Image via Instagram

Fun fact! Buddy the Boston hails from Boston, Lincolnshire. Get out!

buddy1Image via Instagram

5. Frenchie the Frenchie

frenchie1Image via Instagram

Daddy wanted a guard dog. Mummy wanted a chihuahua. Voila…Frenchie, the French bulldog!
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frenchie2Image via Instagram

Fun fact!  Talk about letting sleeping dogs lie…his mum says Frenchie loves sleeping so much he could give a dead person a run for their money… ba dum chhh.

frenchie3Image via Instagram

6. The Spots

thespots1Image via Instagram

Say hello to Ollie (black spots) and Bailey (liver spots). While procrastinating online instead of studying for exams, mama Tasha stumbled upon Ollie, and, well, it was love at first sight. 18 months later, Bailey joined the family all the way from Wales.
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thespots2Image via Instagram

Fun fact! At home these dashing dalmatians go by Dube (Ollie) and Ming (Bailey).

thespots3Image via Instagram

7. Milo

milo1 Image via Instagram

Wrap your chops around this one: Milo is a jachuahua! Sounds more like a cocktail you’d order in Maui, but Milo’s mum is a Jack Russell and dad’s a Chihuahua, so you can imagine how much energy this little one has. Milo lives in Yorkshire and loves long walkies, sunbathing and generally being a nosy parker.
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milo2Image via Instagram

Fun fact! Milo has a soft spot for pop tarts! That’s him secretly begging for one in the photo above.

milo3Image via Instagram

8. Chester the Yorkie

chester1Image via Facebook

Oh hi there Chester! This 2 1/2-year-young Yorkie is a complete love bug. If you can handle this much cuteness, he’s now joined by baby brother Alfie, the 3-month-old Miniature Dachshund. The two love playing tug of war (as long as the winner and loser get plenty of tummy rubs from mum).
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chester2Image via Facebook

Fun fact! Chester’s a supawstar in the making with 5,000 Facebook fans. 

chester3Image via Facebook

9. Leo the Corgi

leocorgi3 Image via Tumblr

Talk about top dog! This Irish-born Corgster might be the new kid on the block up against big brother Buddy the Black Lab, but he definitely rules the roost.
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leocorgi2Image via Tumblr

Fun fact! Leo’s full name is Leonardo da Vinci.

Image via Tumblr

10. Alfonso the Griffon

alfonso the griffonImage via Instagram

Last but certainly not least, Alfonso the Griffon is a Brussels Griffon (possibly part Ewok) with attitude! The runt of his litter, he won over his hoomans in an instant and continues to do so when he wakes them up every morning with his soggy, smelly toy mouse. He’s also been known to enjoy a good pinacolada every now and then 😉
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alfonso the griffinImage via Instagram

Fun fact! Alfonso likes to sleep on his back with his arms and legs straight up!

alfonso the griffinImage via Instagram

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