This Dog Waste Bin Issue Is Causing a Stink in Devon

This Dog Waste Bin Issue Is Causing a Stink in Devon

It’s all a big mess in Cullompton, in the county of Devon. Walkers are getting gruff with the lack of waste receptacles for the local pooches – with the shortage of bins, streets are being inundated with abandoned, ahem, ‘gifts’ from our furry friends! It seems that these smelly gifts are piling up, because walkers don’t want to have to carry their waste long distances to the closest bin.

Residents are asking for more bins to be installed along the walkways.


Image via Exmouth Journal

The Mid Devon Council section of waste and transport management are currently accepting and reviewing requests. While more bins does mean more work for their department, in the long run it might just be the best course for all parties involved.

However, let’s all not forget responsibility as good pet owners and good neighbors is to always be sure to clean after our lovable mutts! If you do feel there is an issue with bins in your area, be sure to let your local councillor know. 

h/t to the Mid Devon Gazette