17 Adorably Heartbroken Dogs Who Could Use A Hug This Valentine’s Day

17 Adorably Heartbroken Dogs Who Could Use A Hug This Valentine’s Day

If you’re lucky enough to live amongst dogs, there’s no doubt you’ve noticed their uncanny knack for picking up on your energy and knowing when something’s wrong. Their remedy for almost every problem is to treat the affected area or person with an endless bounty of kisses and love — and it works! Dogs are natural-born mood elevators, but maybe it’s time we return the favor. And who better to start with than these 16 hilariously heartbroken pups?

1. “Yea… dating is cool and all, but have you tasted stuffed-crust pizza?”

sad dog pug pizza

2. “Three weeks, five days, six hours, two minutes since Kayla left me…”

sad dog rain

3. “Today I think I met my soulmate at the dog park, but then she saw me pooping by the swingset.”

sad boo dog pomeranian

4. “I got you bro… you don’t need no woman!”

dog dalmatians hugging

5. “This is just like Senior Prom. But worse”

sad pug bowtie

6. “Mom! How many times do I have to tell you: girls don’t LIKE the smell of soap!”

sad bulldog

7. “I’m sure he’s just a little tied up.”

sad dog waiting window

8. “So this is what it has come to. Officially a cat lady.”


9. “Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?”

sad bulldog car

10. Joe just hasn’t been the same since Shauna left him. Poor guy won’t even bark at the mailman.

sad dog window black and white

11. “I’d rather have heartworms than heartbreak… at least they’re curable.”

sad pit bull

12. “Stuck at the office, but I don’t even have a date to be late to.”

sad bulldog office

13. “She said we are never ever, ever, EVER getting back together.” 

sad bull dog

14. “I thought you said you were gonna save me a bite?”


15. “Maybe if I had thumbs, I could win over some hearts.”

sad puppy guitar

16. Saturday night and Max is still going strong after fourteen episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.


17. “What do you mean I’m adopted?”

sad puppy dog eyes black and white