12 Dog-Friendly Stores Where You Can Shop with Your Pup in London

12 Dog-Friendly Stores Where You Can Shop with Your Pup in London

Does a typical Saturday for you go something like this: wake up with dog butt in your face – grab a latte and hit the high street for some retail therapy – head home early because the shops have a no Fido policy – spend Saturday night shopping online with a snoring pooch hogging the keyboard?

If you prefer to go shopping with your shaggy love muffin – and who doesn’t? – hit up our favourite dog-friendly shops in London. Especially for the pawliday season, these shops should be your go-tos!

* While the stores below have a general dog-friendly policy, some leave it up to the manager to decide whether the store will allow dogs. It’s best to call your local store to check.

Main photo: Edwyn UK of Spitalfields Market with Tales of Teddy

1. AnthropologieRe

“Oh, you think this ottoman is for you? Whatever, this is my new doggy day bed.”

dogfriendlyshops8tImage via Kristin Eldridge

2. Fenwick

Don’t forget your haute dog when shopping for haute couture.

dogfriendlystore8Image via Miss Darcy

3. Spitalfields Market

“Lemme down mum, I wanna go shopping!” 

dogfriendlyshops2Image via East London Lines

4. Selfridges

“Your ‘purse pooches only’ policy suits us fine, mate.”

dogfriendlyshops4Image via Flickr

5. Waterstones

“So this is where you get those books I like to chew on where you leave the house?”

dogfriendlystore9 Image via Astrid Harrisson

6. Liberty

“I just read in Dogue that florals are in this season. Ho hum.”

dogfriendlyshops11Image via Flickr


“Yes mum, get that bath bomb. And then I’ll hop in the bath with you tonight.”

dogfriendly15Image via Pinterest

8. Gap

“Your bum looks amazing in those jeans. Now, let’s go to the dog park.”

dogfriendlystore6Image via Pitlandia

9Conran Shop

“I’ll just wait out here while you shop for those expensive candles that smell like pong.”

dogfriendlyshops1Image via Travels With Fritz

 10. Cath Kidston

“Thinking of redoing my crib in Cath Kidston fabrics. It’ll blow up #dogsofinstagram!”

dogfriendlyshops12Image via Pinterest

11. Burberry

If you’re going to splurge on that Burberry trench, you’ll need your pup’s paw of approval first.

dogfriendlystores12Image via Flickr

12. Apple

“That new MacBook Pro for you means a rib-eye steak for me, right?”

dogfriendlystore7Image via Dog Friendly Glasgow