Ricky Gervais is Proof That A Cat Dad Can Be A Dog Hero

Ricky Gervais is Proof That A Cat Dad Can Be A Dog Hero

Yes, Ricky Gervais is a cat dad. But from his hit show Derek, to campaigning for Pup Aid, nary a day goes by when Ollie’s dad isn’t howling about dogs to his 6+ million Twitter followers and 2+ million Facebook fans. Here’s why we count Ricky Gervais among our top dogs.

Despite his feline tendencies, he understands that dogs are the best.
He might be obsessed with his stunning Siamese Ollie, but we know that, really, Ricky is just as smitten with woofies. Take this recent tweet as evidence: “When religious people ask me ‘But don’t you believe there’s something better than us in the universe?’, I answer, ‘Yes, most dogs.’” We’d agree with that!

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His favourite piece of TV ever is about a doggy called Ivor.
Ricky has created some of the best TV of the last 15 years. But his favourite piece of TV that’s he’s ever done? No, not sending Karl Pilkington around the world with just a packet of Monster Munch, but a tear-jerking episode of his latest show Derek. In season two, Ricky’s character Derek learns that his “favouritest dog” Ivor has to be put down. It’s beautiful acting, and an important moment in TV history.

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He really, really wants you to adopt a pup.
Ricky’s been a friend of Pup Aid, which campaigns against pet stores, for years now, and he doesn’t stop howling their cause any chance he can get:


He even spent time this summer helping out at adoption days.
When it’s summer, what are most celebs doing? Cruising around the Med, partying in Ibiza…not Ricky Gervais. While in New York at the end of May, he stopped by a pet adoption event and urged his fans to get down there and rescue the dozens of dogs waiting for their forever homes. He shared photos throughout the day snuggling up to a flurry of fluffies – and the event managed to adopt 15,000 pets around the U.S. in just two days!

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He helped Manchester Dogs Home raise £1m after the September arson attack.
Ricky jumped all over social media following the horrific arson attack on Manchester Dogs Home in September, in which over 50 dogs perished in the fire, sharing news and linking to a fundraising page. He helped the organisation raise over £1m, taking the time to thank fans for their donations.

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His Twitter PSAs have great dog parent lessons!
Every year, pups get left in hot cars, and Ricky’s sick of it. Over the summer, he tweeted out this serious message:


And… even David Brent loves dogs.
Who could forget when David Brent, everyone’s favourite chilled out entertainer, showed up at Wernham–Hogg with his pet lab Nelson, named after – who else? – Nelson Mandela. Sadly they were both barred from the office by Neil (such a spoilsport).

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