Rugby Players Show Their Soft Side With 10 Pup-filled Selfies

Rugby Players Show Their Soft Side With 10 Pup-filled Selfies

Just when you thought you’d seen it all after these smokin’ firefighters and their pups, the rugby guys come walking in slow motion through a cloud of dry ice and their equally good-looking dogs struttin’ beside them and– I’m getting ahead of myself.

Feast your eyes, dog ruvers…

1. Matt Harris & Chewy
Sigh, amazing.
Mike Harris

Image via Matt Harris Instagram


2. Craig Gilroy & Lola
Craig is an Ambassador to the Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Northern Ireland, where he encourages his teammates to volunteer. He owns another dog named Millers who you can check out on his Instagram

Image via Craig Gilroy Instagram


3. Danny Cipriani & Rocky 
More selfies, paw-lease!

Image via Danny Cipriani Instagram


4.  Martin Castrogiovanni & Ettore
Martin has a few dogs in his pack and documents all their fun on his Instagram. Ettore knows how to surf!

Martin castrogiovanni

Image via Martin Castrogiovanni Instagram


5.  Quade Cooper & Chuck
Chuck has his own Instagram where you can follow his adventures in the Outback!

Quade Cooper

Image via Quade Cooper Instagram


6.  Rob Kearney & Hank
We’re not huge athletes, but we’d like to be part of their scrum.
Rob Kearney

Image via Rob Kearney Instagram


7.  Courtney Lawes & Bebe 
Courtney is also dogfather to an adorable bulldog named Benson. Lots of pictures of him and Bebe on Lawes’ Twitter feed.

Courtney Lawes

Image via Courtney Lawes Twitter


8.  Ben Foden & Jackson 
Can’t… we just… can’t.

Ben Foden

Image via Ben Foden Instagram


9.  Digby Ioane & Lil 
Digby owns a bulldog named Yip who watches over his family too.

Digby Ioane

Image via Digby Ioane Instsgram

10.  James Hanson & Wilma  
Wilma has an Instagram full of Aussie shenanigans with her Poppa.

James Hanson

Image via James Hanson Instsgram