20 Ways To Turn Your Car Into The Ultimate Dog Lover’s Mobile

20 Ways To Turn Your Car Into The Ultimate Dog Lover’s Mobile

Window decals featuring stick figure families became all the rage a few years back. Since then they’ve morphed into awesome displays of pet pride. You can now find a whole array of decals to complete your family tableau. Want to take your display of love for your prized pooch to a whole new level when you’re cruising the streets? Show off your doggy devotion with a few of these fun and functional auto items.

1. Dashboard Bobblehead, $14.11

No puppy pimpmobile is complete without a chill bobblehead nodding along to the tunes. Grace your dashboard with one of these beauties, complete with gold chain.


2. Dog Steering Wheel Cover, $16.00

Protect your steering wheel and your hands with a custom dogified steering wheel cover. The flower flourishes are a cute touch.

steering wheeel cover

3. Seat Covers, $199.99 – $259.99

These covers are specifically designed to fit your car’s exact make and model. They are fade resistant and extra tough to withstand your dog’s claws and jaws.


4. Gear Shift Head, $14.89

This tough looking Bully gear shift head will certainly make a statement in any vehicle.

gear shift

5. Plush Air Freshener, $5.00

Why hang the same old pine tree air freshener when you can hang this adorable, vanilla scented plush doggy instead?

air freshener

6. Dog Flashlight, $7.95

In case of flat tire or nighttime dog park voyage, reach for this snazzy flashlight to guide your way!


7. Cartoonize My Pet Floormats, $83.95

Choose this dapper design or submit your own pics and text. Each set comes with two front seat mats and two back seat mats.

floor mat

8. Car Sun Visor, $10.15+

Protect your precious pooch (or kid) from the powerful rays of the sun. You can even have it personalized with the name of your choice.

sun screen

9. How We Roll Car Coaster, $6.95

Keep those sweaty soft drinks from gooping up your drink console with a dog themed car coaster. The Animal Rescue Site Store has several cute options to choose from and every purchase you make goes to help feed homeless dogs!

how we roll

10. Dean Russo Travel Mug, $11.98

Acrylic travel mug featuring the unique art of Dean Russo, and a lovely sentiment we can all strive to make a reality.


11. Spare Tire Cover, $59.99

Spare Tire covers are a great way to show your pooch pride. You can choose an existing design, or have one custom made.

tire cover

12. Sausage Dog Convertible Driving Mittens, $44.99

Every professional driver knows you need a good pair of driving gloves. These may not be what the Nascar drivers have in mind, but they have dog heads on them, so who cares?


13. Best Friend On Board Window Cling, $2.49

Let the world know that you’re riding with your fur friend while helping to raise money for a great cause. The Morris Animal Foundation helps fight canine cancers.

on board

14. Paw Print Driving Glasses, $12.29

These delightful frames come with lenses for reading, but could easily be swapped out for your prescription. They even come with a matching soft case.


15. I Love My Dog Swarovski Keychain, $69

Three breed specific gold-plated charms adorned with Swarovski crystals show off your devotion to your best friend. There’s keychains, then there’s these babies!


16. Hipster Bulldog License Plate, $15.99

I don’t know about you, but a dog in glasses gets me every time. There are plenty of style and breed options out there for a canine inspired vanity plate. You can even have your own pooch immortalized on your plate.

license plate

17. Basset Hound Hood Ornament, $59.99

Forget dashing Greyhounds and tough Bulldogs, this cute Basset is perfect for the every man.

hood ornament

18. Colorful Rearview Charm, $9.99

Just because it’s cute.:)


19. Through A Dog’s Ear Driving CD, $10.02

Some dogs get extremely nervous and anxious in the car which can lead to dangerous distractions for the driver. Soothing music can calm the nervous system and make the ride more enjoyable.


20. Safety Car Seat, $75

All of the items above are fun and functional, but the most important thing a pimped out pooch mobile can have is a safe place for your pup to ride. Even minor fender benders can lead to serious injuries. Luckily there are tons of car seat and safety harness options to suit any dog. Drive safe!

car seat

Featured image via Dogster