Your Guide to Understanding the Toilet Rolling Meme

Your Guide to Understanding the Toilet Rolling Meme

This is “toilet rolling.” It’s one of the internet’s most hilarious new memes. It consists of putting toilet paper rolls on a dog’s legs.

The meme’s origin has been traced to Instagram celebrities and social media influencers Digby Van Winkle and his little brother Alo:

Theories regarding the origins of meme range from the idea that dogs are self-conscious about their ankles to a expertly orchestrated financial play by office investor Scout to bump up the value of his recently purchased toilet paper stocks.

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There are few rules to toilet rolling. The rolls can be empty…

Or full…

There are seriously so many ways to do #toiletrolling. Double dog empty:

Double dog full:

Double *roll* one dog:

Or even the quadruple roll one pup:

But this pup is definitely doing it completely wrong. #fauxpaw

Want your pup to get in on the toilet rolling trend? Just use #toiletrolling on Instagram to have your pup join the masses in meme history.