18 Paw-Picked Presents For The Understated Dog Lover In Your Life

18 Paw-Picked Presents For The Understated Dog Lover In Your Life

It’s a pretty safe assumption that we all love dogs. Here I am writing about them and there you are reading about them, so we know we’ve at least got that in common. But when it comes to wearing your love of dogs on your sleeve, some people prefer a more…reserved approach.

For those ladies and gents not down for the commitment of tattooing their dog’s face into their flesh, here are 18 simple, chic gifts for those crazy dog people who like to keep a lid on it.

1. Watchdog Finials


As any seasoned homemaker knows, it’s all in the details when it comes to crafting your living space. These finials from Anthropologie let guests know you’re a dog lover in a surprising and sophisticated way. Available in different finishes to match any decor.

2. FP One Quilted Dog Bed

dog bed

We may love dogs, but that doesn’t mean we necessarily love all of the clutter that can come with owning one. For a dog bed that doesn’t scream “Hey! Look at me, I’m a dog bed!”, these colorful quilted beauties cost a pretty penny but they’re machine-washable, super soft, and easy on the eyes.

3. Dog Breed Tea Towels


If anyone on your list has recently moved into a new home, linens make a thoughtful and useful housewarming gift. These deco dog-printed tea towels are an easy way to add a fresh, modern feel to any kitchen. Find them at the BarkShop, available in Poodle, Doxie, and Dalmatian.

4. VERAMEAT Dog Collection


Contemporary heirlooms with a bit of bite. Both edgy and delicate, each piece of VERAMEAT’s dog-inspired jewelry is handcrafted in New York from fine materials like 100% recycled silver and pure 14 karat gold. Coming soon to the BarkShop!

5. 22k Gold Dog Lover Mug

dog mug

Kick your special someone’s cuppa’ Joe up a notch (or 22!) by surprising them with this amazing mug made in Tennessee with real gold!
Update: Due to high demand, this mug is currently out-of-stock but should begin shipping again soon!

6. Scottie Dog Smartphone Wristlet


Like a watchdog for all of your essentials, this Scottie print wristlet is the perfect gift for any 21st century dog lover.

7. Free People Hacienda Dog Pouch


Although poop bags might sound like a strange gift to give, nobody will mind if you pair them with quite possibly the only cute poop bag dispenser in existence.

8. BarkClips


If your undercover dog lover spends a lot of time at the pawffice, drop a pack of BarkClips on their desk — they’re available in the BarkShop and are the perfect finishing touch for all that boring pupperwork.

9. Pottery Barn Doggie Toy Basket


Help your friends and family indulge their OCD tendencies, this wicker toy basket keeps all of their dog’s BarkBox bounty out from underfoot while adding a touch of warmth and character to their home.

10. Assorted Free People Leashes


For dog owners (and dogs!) who think of the sidewalk as their runway, these beautiful and unique leashes from Free People are sure to stand out amidst a sea of typical tethers.

11. Dachshund Dog Bowl Stand

doxie bowl stand

Take their dog’s dining experience to the next level with this adorable bronze-finished bowl stand from Pottery Barn.

12. Dachshund Linen Makeup Bags

makeup bags

Fenella Smith is a name I recommend you get very used to, her delightful dog-inspired designs come in all shapes, sizes, and wares so you can check lots of people off your list at once! These makeup/toiletries bags are my favorite, not only are they covered in derpy Doxies, they are also super useful for travel or daily use. Coming soon to the BarkShop!

13. Make A Wish Bone Necklace


From Dogeared, esteemed makers of our favorite minimal and dainty designs, comes a necklace after our own hearts. Available in gold and silver to please any pup-lover’s preference.

14. Cambria Pet Treat Canisters


A tidy house supposedly means a tidy mind (don’t ask me, both of mine are dirty), but if organization is key, help rid their house of treat boxes and crinkly kibble bags with these gorgeous pet treat containers from Pottery Barn.

15. Assorted Dog Coaster Set


Give their beverages a place to rest their haunches with these stylish, dog-inspired coasters!

16. Fishs Eddy Home Goods from BarkShop

fishs eddy

Coffee and dogs have a lot in common. We adore both of them. Both are warm and inviting. And both exist mostly to wake us from peaceful slumber. It only makes sense that we combine both of these loves into some adorable Pawliday gifts, all available in the BarkShop!

17. Dog Blueprint Artwork


A fresh and unusual take on dog-themed artwork, these breed-specific blueprints available at Uncommon Goods are a unique and beautiful way for your Secret Santa to put their love of dogs on display.

18. Dog Pajamas by PJ Salvage


At night, you can be a little more freely fanatical while still staying cute and comfortable in any of these adorable dog-printed pajamas. The only thing cozier would be a bed full of actual dogs. Which reminds me, BRB.