Is Your Dog’s Breath Worse Than Your Tinder Date’s?

Is Your Dog’s Breath Worse Than Your Tinder Date’s?

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Your dog is incredible. But your dog’s breath? God awful. Your Tinder date is…well, it’s a first date after all. And your dinner companion’s breath? Not so fabulous. So what do you do when you find yourself out on a date whose bad breath rivals your dog’s?


Since we know bad breath can ruin an otherwise tender moment between you and your Tinder date (or you and your dog), we’ve put together these helpful step-by-step guides for curing the near-toxic fumes emanating from your dog and your date. So take a deep breath — unless you’re near either of them, in which case, don’t do that.


How To Cure Your Dog’s Dog Breath

Your dog is gnawing on something seriously foul. Maybe it’s garbage. Maybe it’s an old slipper. Whatever it is, it’s making their breath epically bad.

Step 1: Remove the smelly item from your dog’s mouth.


Step 2: Head to your dog’s food bowl or grab your dog’s preferred treat. We recommend peanut butter or cheese.


Step 3: Place a Woofmints™ gel cap into the treat or bowl and give it to your dog.


Step 4: Watch your dog swallow the Woofmints™ filled nomz.


Step 5: Kiss your dog with delight and congratulate yourself on being a great pup parent who can breathe freely again.


It’s all so simple! Maybe dating will be this easy, too!

How To Cure Your Date’s Breath

You can already tell your date’s breath isn’t great. You’re good though, with Eatwhatever® there is an easy solution. While the below steps do not guarantee a second date, we highly recommend you give them a shot!


Step 1: Stay calm.


Step 2: Ask your date if they prefer a cheese platter or a bread basket and then order it (make sure it’s not garlic bread. Now is NOT the time to play with fire).


Step 3: Tell your date you think you see noted dog lover and Oscar-nominated actor Tom Hardy in the restaurant.


Step 4: While your date is distracted trying to get a good look at Tom Hardy, place a pack of Eatwhatever® breath fresheners onto the table.

woof_mints_eatwhatever copy

Step 4: Leave the table before your date turns back around and remind yourself dating is hard.


Step 5: Go home and cuddle with your dog as defiant tears fall into their fur. AT LEAST MY DOG HAS FRESH BREATH.


The good news is there IS a solution for bad breath in all of us, thanks to Eatwhatever® and Woofmints™. Wherever your Valentine’s Day plans take you, don’t forget to bring along these bad breath remedies!

Even if you just end up hanging at home with your dog. Which is a totally normal thing to do on Valentine’s Day.

It’s fine. We’re fine.


*If Tom Hardy is, in fact, at the restaurant, leave your date with the Eatwhatever® box and move to Tom Hardy’s table. Obviously.

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