Since we're still in the thick of winter we decided a round-up of the snuggliest, warmest, and most divine accessories for keeping our lovable pups warm was in order. Unless you live in a tropical region. You lucky dog, you.
Source: BarkShop
1. Stripe Cardigan, $78. Not only will your pup look like a brilliant intellectual, but she'll also stay warm and toasty while frolicking in the leaves.
Source: Ralph Lauren
2. Shawl Collar Sweater, $66.50. This thick sweater is the ultimate piece for pups that just love spending time outdoors, even as the temps drop! They can still wear it inside for some nice long naps by the fireplace.
Source: BarkShop
3. Snuggle Sack, $16. For pups that just love to get super wrapped up, the snuggle sack is a pawfect item! Also, my pup Pepper is modeling it, and she does love getting all snuggled in it, too!
4. Cashmere Super Model Sweater, $40. Fashionable doges can enjoy the warmth and class of cashmere.
Source: Neiman Marcus
5a. Small Faux Fur Dog Coat, $80. Just because you have fur doesn't mean you can't rock a faux fur version. Talk about doubling up on the warmies!
Source: Neiman Marcus
5b. Medium Faux Fur Coat, $90. This deep, dark chocolate faux fur coat also comes in a medium size!
Source: Neiman Marcus
5c. Large Faux Fur Coat, $100. Don't forget, even large dogs need to feel comfy, cozy, and heated!
Source: Pride Bites
6. Love Bone Blanket, $49.99. What is a good Netflix & Chill marathon if you can't relax under a big blanket with your best friend? It's worthless, that's what it is.
7. Bowser Hemp Dog Bed, $129. To amp up the lounge factor, add a soft and amazingly padded bed along with your pup-friendly warm accessories.
Source: Amazon
8. White And Red Pet Scarf, $10.82. How can your dog be comfortable on winter walks without a scarf? He needs it!
Source: Nordstrom
9. Quilted Dog Bed, $169. This striking olive bed could also be a vital asset for camping adventures with your beloved pup.
Source: Neiman Marcus
10. Harry Barker Cable-Knit Sweater, $60. This vibrant red sweater (with a personalized name!) will have all the other pups on the block barking. Talk about chic and cozy!
11. Hoodie, $28. It's a fact: hipster pups will swoon for hoodies.
12. Hoodie, $28. I mean, humans and dogs alike all know that the first step in feelin' snugged up in cold weather involves a supremely cool hoodie.
Source: Henri Bendel
13. Quilted Puppy Coat, $88. Every pup deserves a plush, hooded coat! For walks quick and long, this will be the most stylish weapon against wind and winter chills.
Source: Amazon
14. Heat Packs, $12.99. If you're stuck in a miserable polar vortex, you might want to invest in some of these babies, to ensure extra heat. :)
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14 Warm And Cozy Winter Essentials For Your Puppy Love


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