17 Water-Friendly Toys Your Dog Simply Must Have This Summer

17 Water-Friendly Toys Your Dog Simply Must Have This Summer

Here’s to the pup parents who proudly own a mixed-breed dog—that is, part dog, part fish. The same dogs who will jump into any body of water whatsoever, except the bathtub. There’s a DIFFERENCE.

Summer’s the time to get a little wet and shake it off. Then get wet again, shake it off again, and repeat until the end of time. So, here are 17 water-lovin’ products to help you and your pup get the most out of the Dog Days.

1. Anchors Aweigh Rubber Dog Toy, $15

While this toy is effectively useless as an actual anchor, on account of its super floating ability, it redeems itself by being ridiculously cute and versatile. Satisfy both the chewers on land and the fetchers who’ve found their sea legs—all you have to do is throw it.

anchors aweigh barkshop toy

2. West Paw Design Boz Ball, $11.95+

Ever heard of a dishwasher-safe squishy ball? Well, this guy is that and more: some expert pup parents say even their furry destruction tornadoes can’t penetrate its spherical exterior. (Translation: it’s pretty dang tough.)

3. Romp n’ Roll, $11+

Did you know this ol’ ball-on-a-rope contraption started off as a toy for horses? Ye olde Jolly Ball has come a long way… and now it comes in two sizes and floats in H2O for the most fun with your pup.

romp n roll barkshop toy

4. Waboba Fetch Ball, $10

You’ve heard of all-terrain vehicles, right? Now meet the toughest all-terrain ball in town. You’ll never have to worry about losing a toy at the beach again, ’cause this high-viz ball stays above even the biggest waves.

waboba barkshop fetch ball


5. Ruff Dawg Flying Fish & Minnow, $11.99+

Give a dog a 100% rubber fish, and they’ll play till they’re dog-tired. Tie a rope through the convenient rope-hole and teach them to fetch the fish in water? They’ll play till they can’t take another step. (And then they’ll play some more.)

flying fish toy ruff dawg
6. Float Rageous Lobster, $6+

As the name implies, this crimson crustacean will never be under the sea. He’s got the softest claws around, though, so it’s all fetch and no pinch.

float rageous lobster barkshop toy


7. Outward Hound Doggy Drencher, $19.99

Greetings, sprinkler amateurs. It’s time to level up your water game with a SPINNING, WATER-SHOOTING, SHATTER-PROOF DRENCHER. In other words, your dog’s block party is going to be the best in the neighborhood.


8. Dura Squeaks Stick, $12+

The meditation is strong with this one. Two of dogs’ most beloved things come together: sticks, and the sound of a squeaker—without the squeaker. All the fun of each combined into a water-friendly package.

dura squeaks stick barkshop toy


9. Loopies Water Toy, $19.99

We are irrevocably obsessed with this pretzel whatcha-ma-call-it from Loopies. It’s a pro floaty toy that’s super easy to grab, and it helps keep your dog’s face and ears above water.

loopies water toy

10. Chuckit! Amphibious Gator, $8.99+

There’s no fear of gator-sized lockjaw with this bobbing toy. Simulate the rush of adrenaline-induced excitement from seeing this prehistoric beast in the flesh by watching your dog fetch its little green head with all the joy in the world.

chuckit amphibious gator toy

11. Kurgo Skipping Stones, $13

Have all the human fun of normal, grade-A skipping stones with the added bonus that these bad boys float and are a piece of cake for your pup to find out on the water.

kurgo skipping stones

12. SwimWays Dog Pool Float, $39.99+

Now it’s okay to kick your pups off your pool raft, because they have their very own! This puncture-proof float makes a water dog out of any breed, and it’s tough enough to last through the dog days.

swimways spring float paddle paws pool toy

13. P.L.A.Y. Toss & Float Toy, $17+

Pack it for the lake, the pool, or the beach—this toss-able toy will be with you through it all. Built with an easy-to-hold rope and a super cute dog design, it’s a go-to for wearing out even the perkiest of pups.

toss & float toy play

14. Planet Dog Buoy, $17.95

Understandably buoyant in water and equally as much fun on land, this unpredictably bouncy buoy also features a convenient treat spot.

planet dog buoy water toy

15. Ruffwear Hover Craft Disc, $24.95

Got a high-powered swimmer on your paws? It’s time to go long with a water-loving disc that soars far distances on land or sea, but with a soft material that’s more gentle on teeth than hard plastic discs.

ruffwear hover craft disc toy

16. SwimWays Shark Swim Vest, $69.99

Shut. Up. Just take my money right now… can humans fit into these?? It’s extremely important to play it safe swimming with your pup, but no one said they can’t look cool doing it.

swimways shark life vest

17. FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool, $44.99+

No more heaving heavy baby pools to dump the water and store it away. This foldable alternative is an absolute must to beat the summer heat, and it folds up to travel anywhere with you.

frontpet foldable dog pool

Remember to keep your pup cool in hot temps with plenty of fresh water and shade, and always supervise play in or out of the H2O. Happy Dog Days!

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Featured images via (left) Betty Stewart/Amazon, (top right) BarkShop, (bottom right) Loopies Toys/Facebook