15 Ways Dogs Literally Love Everyone And Everything

15 Ways Dogs Literally Love Everyone And Everything

The great thing about dogs is that they have nothing stopping the thoughts that form in their adorable heads from bursting forth to greet the world. They lack the proverbial filter, but, unlike humans, dogs can’t actually say what they’re thinking.

No, they put their words into action—and that’s how we know the extent of their love for us, for others, and even the occasional inanimate object. “Great” just doesn’t cover how we feel about pups, but they can certainly help us understand how much #DogsLoveAll.

1. They know when to tell you it’s time to relax.

rescued wine candles
2. They’ve always got your back. Seriously, they’ll be standing there to catch the bouquet.


3. They enjoy all your kisses (even if they’re a little scratchy.)

ozzie the hippie 
4. They tell you your cooking tastes good even though you can’t make toast.

herbert smile 
5. They lose their minds every time you walk in the door. Every. Time.

excited chihuahua 
6. They know exactly how to show you what they’re thinking.

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7. They’re not impatient—they just know what’s best for your health. Yeah, that’s it.

dog holding leash 
8. They look after their favorite toys like doting parents.

luca and her favorite toy 
9. They’re willing to let bygones be bygones.

10. They’ll do ANYTHING to cheer you up. Even if it means taking extreme weird measures.

11. They can tell when you need a little laughter in your life.

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12. They know when to offer the softest, most comforting shoulder to lean on.

husky cuddles
13. Or perhaps a little more than a shoulder…

14. They’ll be your plus-one even when it seems like no one else will.

15. Most of all, they will never forget how much you love them.

senior golden welcomes mom home

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