How To Be A Better Human By Being More Like Your Dog

How To Be A Better Human By Being More Like Your Dog

In the wake of the horrific tragedy and all of the lives lost in Orlando, as well as the atrocities occurring all over the world; it has become far too easy to hide, to barricade ourselves from the world we live in, as well as our fellow man.


And while curling up in the corner and keeping to yourself can seem appealing — and can even seem like the only safe option — it is in the times that we are most split open with sadness that we must remember to turn to our brothers and sisters. To take solace in knowing that we are all aching together.


When I heard the news, my first move was to reach out to all of my friends from college who still live in Orlando and to make sure that they and their loved ones were safe. The second was to tell my family, starting with the little Min Pin who seemingly never leaves my side, how much I love them and how blessed I am to have them in my life.


As I kissed Oona countless times and looked into her chocolatey brown eyes, that got me thinking: a dog would never have a problem with someone because they looked or behaved differently than themselves. A dog would never even think of your sexual preference as something of interest. That is because dogs love all. Here are just 15 examples of how we could all make the world a much better place, simply by being more like our dogs.

1. Dogs Know The True Meaning Of BFF


Sure, they lack the opposable thumbs required to make friendship bracelets with you, but your dog is undoubtedly the best and most loyal friend you’ll ever have. And this is not a responsibility they take lightly: your dog won’t ever flake on plans, steal your clothes, or make a desperate move on your boyfriend — lookin’ at you, Bethany.

2. Dogs Are Easygoing


There’s going with the flow and then there’s being a dog. As the human in the relationship, you get to decide where you’re going, who you go with, how long you stay, what you watch on TV, and what activities you guys partake in — all of which is more than okay with your pup. Chances are they’re just happy to be along for the adventure!

3. Dogs Have Superpowers


Modern science and medicine have made incredible strides in the world of healthcare, but do you know a doctor who can detect cancer with simply their sense of smell? (If so, please get in touch so that we can discuss a possible book and/or movie deal.) Dogs’ super sniffers can discern the difference between chemicals released from healthy and malignant body tissue.

4. Dogs Don’t Have Bad Days

smiling doxie outside

We’ve all had those days where one mishap (like leaving your lipstick in the dryer) can rapidly snowball into complete and total disaster (all of your clothes are now ruined so your day is ruined, then you miss the bus so you lose your job and now your life is ruined) and, before you know it, you’re sitting on the floor sobbing into your hands because being an adult just isn’t fair. We’ve all had those days except your dog. Your dog doesn’t take anything that happens personally, they take it in stride and move on.

5. Dog Moms Love All Babies


All babies need love and nobody knows this better than a mama. Dog moms don’t require you to be a card-carrying member of the puppy pack, they’ve been known to adopt and nurture babies of all shapes, sizes, and species.

6. Dogs Don’t Get Grossed Out


You never have to worry about standing on ceremony with your dog around, you can burp, fart, or pick that wedgie without fear of judgement. Your dog’s love and adoration for you will never be tainted, no matter how many times you Dutch oven them in bed.

7. Dogs Are Mood Lifters


Feeling down? You could pop a pill OR you could have a play session with a puppy! Not only are dogs happy, but they also elevate the moods of those around them. Can you imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all lived with the gusto that dogs do? Nobody would be walking around with a storm cloud over their head. We’d all be eager and willing to make the world a more wonderful place.

8. Dogs Are Health Boosters


Not only can dogs lower your blood pressure and lead to a healthier heart, they are also emotionally soothing and can help tame anxiety and stress. Children who grow up with dogs are also far less likely to develop certain skin conditions and allergies.

9. Dogs Don’t Fake


There’s no greater feeling than returning home and seeing your fur kid’s face light up like their sun just returned to the sky. A dog will always be happy to see you and the enthusiasm they muster at your arrival will never be fake. Unlike some people. (You still reading this, Bethany?)

10. Dogs Don’t Flake


We’re all guilty of it. We make enthusiastic plans with people we love only to realize when the time comes to actually do it… we’d just rather not. Your dog doesn’t have this problem, they will always be down to join you. Whether you want to hit the road, the trail, or get a workout in, chances are your dog will be more than thrilled to be your copilot.

11. Dogs Are Always Down To Lend A Paw


Leave it to the dogs to put people to shame when it comes to serving their communities. Service dogs, military working dogs, emotional therapy dogs, bomb detection dogs, search and rescue dogs… These heroes are not only lending a paw, they’re devoting their lives to the cause.

12. Dogs Are Always On Duty


In addition to professional service dogs, every pup has the capacity for heroism. Dogs are always on guard, they keep an eye out and take pride in watching over their pack. There is no such thing as a passive onlooker when it comes to dogs, they definitely don’t need to be reminded to say something when they see something.

13. Dogs Take Initiative


Food on the floor? No problem. Your dog isn’t anything like those people that stand around waiting to take orders, if they see something that needs to be remedied, it’s highly likely they’re already on the case.

14. Dogs Get The Job Done


Not only are dogs always willing to put their nose to the grind, they are also far more diligent and tireless workers than most people. Dogs know how to dig deep and tap into an extra energy reserve. Even if we’re just talking about a game of fetch, your dog won’t ever be ready to head home until the job is done — or until you put their beloved tennis ball away.

15. Dogs Love All


Dogs don’t see color, gender, age, sexual orientation, or anything other than the fact that you are a person worthy of unconditional love and affection. Dogs don’t judge you for who you love. Dogs understand that love is love. And love is an unbelievably beautiful thing.