10 Of The Weirdest Quora Dog Questions & Their Best User Answers

10 Of The Weirdest Quora Dog Questions & Their Best User Answers

Every Quora user has seen their share of strange questions posted. Even better than the silly, thought-provoking and downright loopy questions, are the exceptional answers that other users respond with. Here are a few of our favorite dog related Q & A’s.

1. What do dogs think about when they are lying around?

Raj Irukulla had by far the best answer to this question in my opinion – no surprise he’s a Shiba Dad:

We’ll never know for sure, but I’m almost certain that Yoshi, my Shiba Inu, is plotting world domination.  Sometimes he’s thinking about getting petted, eating treats and sniffing other dog’s butts.  But mostly, he’s thinking of world domination and how to achieve it.



2. How would a dog react if I tried to lick its face?

Holly-Ann Bluett gave this one a whirl – you know, in the name of science – with her two Dobermans, Reddington and Sonar. These were her findings:

Reddington: I licked his nose. He just looked at me kinda scared. And he just licked me back. Sonar: He just walked off. I don’t blame him to be honest!

lick meme


3. If dogs had Quora, what kinds of questions would they ask?

Renato de Angelis, Professional Dog Petter, came up with the following insightful list of queries that dogs would type into Quora if only they had fingers:

  • Who’s really a good boy?
  • How can I fetch sticks better?
  • I’m four years old. Is it too late for me to be a professional agility dog?
  • How do I make sure that I get into the best obedience training classes?
  • I’m a seven-year-old pug. Is it healthy for me to only eat peanut butter?
  • A bitch that I see on my morning walks looks at me every day. What does this mean?
  • What is the most fashionable leash for a lab living in Portland?
  • Who would win in a fight, a 22-pound beagle with a week of preparation or a 160-pound St. Bernard with no prep time?
  • What does Snoopy think about puppy mills?
  • Why are all chihuahuas criminals?

Very poignant, Renato. Very poignant, indeed.



4. What do you think dogs are thinking while riding in a car?

Best Answer:

This is great!  This is amazing!  Look at that tree!  Wow, we are running fast!  Did you smell that?  And that?  And that?

Wait!  I know this place.  Keep going! Keep going! Keep going!

And so we arrive at the vet.

Provided by Jill E. Griffin



5. What would happen if you gave a dog a doughnut?

Mother of two Jennifer Ellis obviously understands the deep power that doughnuts possess!

The dog would eat the doughnut. Then he would beg for more doughnuts. Now that he knows how good doughnuts are, if he saw you eating a doughnut or he saw doughnuts around, he would want them. Assuming he wasn’t already begging for the doughnuts anyway.



6. Is it okay to talk to your dog like he’s a human being?

Jeremy Miles not only believes in chatting up your pups, he thinks you should strike up a conversation with your Roomba, too:

I talk to my car, my TV, my computer, my Roomba vacuum cleaner* and my coffee maker like they are human beings.  I think it’s fine to talk to your dog like it’s a human being.

*The Roomba is always causing trouble and wanting attention. Perhaps I’ve trained it poorly.



7. When my dog and I have growling matches, she always insists on the last growl. Is this normal?

Peter Foran, I’m sure many of your fellow teachers would agree!

After teaching high school all day, when I come home sometimes, me and the dog growl at each other. Best conversation I’ve had all day.



8. Why do dogs see through glass? Are they able to distinguish it?

Derek Johnson gave the one and only response to this question, but really what other answer is there?

They see through glass because it is transparent. Am I missing something? Why is this a question?



9. Why do some dogs bark with an English accent?

Best Answer:

My cat sometimes meows with a southern accent. I don’t know where she gets it. “May-ow! May-ow!”

Abigail Adams, Owner of a Spoiled Cat



10. What’s the corniest or goofiest thing you say or do with your dog?

Robin Corey‘s explanation of the silly, sweet game he played with his big-eared pooch, Max is my personal favorite. It reads in part:

He’d always get particularly restless when we informed him that the annual “Ear Tax” was due — this, of course being the well-established and totally not made up practice in the UK of all dogs being taxed based on the size of their ears. It became kind of a tradition to look concerned and make worried remarks about having to sell some of his toys to pay for the looming Ear Tax. It’d always make him very excitable, so we’d quickly have to relent and give him lots of reassuring ear rubs (I think he loved the whole thing really).


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