This Interview Reveals Why Wells Adams Is The Bachelor We’d Pick, Sorry Jojo

This Interview Reveals Why Wells Adams Is The Bachelor We’d Pick, Sorry Jojo

If you’re into reality television at all then you have definitely encountered The Bachelor/Bachelorette series. Each week hopeful singles duke it out in challenges and dates to win the affection of that season’s designated chosen one. In the most recent installment, Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher has a slew of men all fighting for her affections. The men range from buff and rugged, to sensitive and cuddly.
Jojo has been navigating the waters of these eligible dudes for several weeks but, we think she has finally made her first misstep. After a one on one date with Wells Adams and what appeared to be a totally enjoyable smooch, Jojo opted to say goodbye to the fan favorite and hearts broke across America. But fear not single ladies, the Nashvillian DJ is not only smart, sweet, and available, he is also a huge dog lover!
Barkpost got the chance to chat Wells up about dogs and dating and he did not disappoint.

BarkPost: So tell me about Carl.

Wells: Oh man, Carl is my dog, he is a 2 year old black and tan Bloodhound that I’ve had since he was a puppy, and yea he is my best friend!
BarkPost: You were filming the Bachelorette for a while, where was Carl while you were gone?

Wells: Actually I had my sister watch him and I did this funny thing so I could keep up with him, on the show we aren’t allowed contact with the outside, so no internet or Facebook. I set up an instagram account for Carl and made my sister update it a few times per week. Then whenever I was alone with producers, I would make them look up Carl’s instagram account so I could see what he was up to.

BarkPost: That’s amazing! What is his handle?

Wells: @carlthebloodhound.
BarkPost: Who were you more drawn to on your first meeting, Carl or JoJo?

Wells: Well Carl and JoJo both have amazing hair, it’s like, what do you call it Ombre? Yea they both have ombre hair, but honestly I was more drawn to Carl. He is just so sweet, the first time I saw him he just laid in my lap. I think he is more affectionate than Jojo (laughing).

BarkPost: If Carl was the next contestant on the Bachelor, what would you guys be looking for in a potential mate?

Wells: Carl is the prettiest dog I have ever been around so someone really pretty and regal, like a poodle. He’s also 80 pounds so probably someone his size, but not too chill. Carl is very moody and pretty vocal, like his owner, but he is also lazy, so somebody upbeat. Like a pointer, since they are both bird dogs.
BarkPost: Do you think your kissing style is more like a Chihuahua or more like a Basset Hound?

Wells: I don’t really know since I’ve never kissed a Chihuahua, Carl is a hound so I have kissed those. Probably more like a Chihuahua, If you saw mine and Jojo’s kiss I was pretty nervous and so are they.

BarkPost: If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

Wells: I like the idea of being a Bloodhound too, but Carl is pretty Lazy and I’m not. So probably a lab, they’re people pleasers, high energy, and go-getters. Get it? Because they are retrievers?

BarkPost: What about Jojo?

Wells: Whatever kind of dog Lassie is, really pretty with perfectly coiffed hair.
BarkPost: Alright, one last question, describe your perfect dog date?

Wells: I guess first we would go to the store to pick out a nice gift, then to the Shelby dog park to mingle. After that we would head over to Percy Warner, a great place for hiking and maybe jump in the water and swim for awhile. Then finally home for a fine spaghetti meal ala Lady and the Tramp.

Not only is Wells a great catch, he’s super involved with the Nashville Humane Association! To keep up with Wells and Carl, check out Carl’s instagram!