What Every Dog Needs For A Safe And Happy Home

What Every Dog Needs For A Safe And Happy Home

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One of the best things about owning a dog before looking for a new home is that you can find a space that truly caters to you both. You already know your dog’s personality, potential dangers, and what mischief they tend to cause. You also know how to make your dog’s tail wag in the blink of an eye. With both of those in mind, here’s what your dog needs for a safe and happy home.

A Safe Place To Explore


If your new home has a fenced-in yard, make sure there aren’t any punctures or holes in the fence that your pup could easily sneak through. If you do not have a yard, a Realtor® will be able to help you find out if there are any parks nearby to help your dog get some time outdoors.

A Dog Door

new dog door

If you have the luxury of having an outdoor space, a dog door is the perfect way for your pup to come and go as their little paws desire.

An Updated ID Tag


Places like Los Angeles County require dogs to be microchipped. Speak with a Realtor® to make sure you are abiding by the laws of your new neighborhood. Also remember to update the contact information on your dog’s ID tag with your new address.

A Pup-Proof Kitchen


If your dog is prone to jumping on countertops safety knobs are a must. This is especially true for stoves with knobs that are parallel to the ground.

A Built-In Trash Can

n1 updated

If your dog prefers half eaten pizza to kibble, a built-in trash can is an easy way to be sure they aren’t getting ahold of something they shouldn’t be. If now isn’t the time to renovate, a trash can with a secure lid will do the trick.

A Comfy Spot In Each Room


Keep your pup happy by giving them a soft and cozy spot in each room to rest their fluffy butt.

A Safe Environment

julie 2

Source: Julie Greco

Gates are a great way to limit access to rooms of your home that have been deemed unsafe for pups. Julie and Mario Greco whose dog-ified home was featured in The Wall Street Journal, have a beautiful custom-built gate that was installed in their home to prevent their six dogs from charging upstairs.

An Established Routine


Dogs thrive on structure. Keeping your daily routine similar to what it was will help your dog transition through your move.

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