You have some ruff decisions ahead of you, time to decide whose cute costume reigned supreme!
Source: @OscarPawpi
This nautical nugget...
Source: @WalterTheChi
or this snazzy sailor?
Source: @Searchingsally
This astounding alligator...
or this cute crocodile?
Source: @robintheyorkie
This spook-tacular Shark...
Source: @rowanleanne
Or this growling Great White?
Which WITCH...
dressed best?
Source: Flickr
Which Gryffin-dog...
Source: Flickr
is top of the class?
Source: Flickr
Does this skele-pup...
Source: Flickr
look better than this bundle of bones?
This spectacular snow-dog...
Source: Flickr
or a real snowman (we give 10 points for the hat)?
Source: Flickr
Ah a rare doge-icorn! But which is the fairest doge-icorn...
Source: Flickr
of them all?
Source: Flickr
This magical monster...
Source: The Dog Home
or this slightly, er, shaggier Sully?
This despicable doge...
Source: Flickr
or this mighty minion?
This astounding Asteroidea...
Source: Flickr
or a real starfish?
Source: Funny Pik
This surprisingly realistic Scooby...
Source: Flickr
or this second Doo?
Source: @ryanxedge
Which gourd...
Source: @opus_boy
is more gourd-geous?
Source: @saraqt724
Which Ewok...
Source: @aprillakatacao
is more exciting?
Which wiener...
Source: @minkyminksc3
is a winner?
Which super-pup...
Source: @raulgarcia25
is really SUPER?
Lastly, this crustacean...
Source: @foodintheair
or this lobster dog? (we'll see ourselves out now....)
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The Internet Needs A “Who Wore It Best” Halloween Edition

Nothing’s worse than showing up to a Halloween parade or paw-ty only to find another pup rocking the same exact costume as yours! Especially knowing that everyone will be judging whose dog wore it better.

We now invite you to be those judgy people and check out who nailed their costume… and which Scooby Doo is really a don’t.

Featured image via @RyanXEdge and @Opus_Boy