15 Realities You Face When Your Dog Is A Picky Eater

15 Realities You Face When Your Dog Is A Picky Eater

Trying to feed a picky dog is just like feeding a picky toddler — you plead with them, remind them that they will actually die if they don’t eat, then give up and just hide their veggies in their favorite foods. Here are 15 struggles you only understand when you’re dealing with a picky eater.

dog hates broccoli

1. You make mealtime into a game but they stop playing as soon as their most hated food makes an appearance.

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Posted by BarkBox on Friday, February 26, 2016


2. You can’t ever buy the big bag of dog food.

dachshund puppy shopping cart gif

Because they will change their mind halfway and hate it.

3. The only way to get them to eat sometimes is to sprinkle treats on top of their food.

dog gets excited to eat

It’s like that one friend who HAS to get the chili cheese fries, not just the regular ones.

4. THIS.

dog won't eat all food


5. They will wait until you finish your food before eating theirs…

stubborn corgi with dog bowl

…just in case.

6. Your dog knows who to go to in the family for maximum treat harvesting.

boston terrier steals food from baby gif

Because treats > regular food.

7. You have to trick your dog into eating by pretending you cooked it.

dog waiting by oven gif

Lest you spark another hunger strike.

8. You actually sit there watching your dog eat.

kim kardashian eats with puppy

“And I’m not moving until you finish your dinner!”

9. The nice cashier offers your dog a treat and they refuse it so you explain that your dog just had a big meal.

dog refuses treat

But you know THAT’s a lie.

10. You’ve been known to throw your dog’s food on the floor just to get them to eat.

husky eating food off floor

Because anything in a bowl is not making it into their mouth.

11. They will sit there refusing to eat their own food, but do this when there is any human food around:

dog jumping for cookies gif

They will eat a variety of human food and even cat sh*t but won’t touch the expensive food you’ve spent your hard-earned money on.

12. Your dog could not be bothered to get off the floor, even if you open the fridge.

dog won't move gif

“Hi, Dr. Vet? Yes, I think my dog is broken.”

13. Training is a little complicated because your dog could not be any less food-motivated.

dog fails to catch sandwich gif

Unless, of course, you spoil his dinner (and breakfast and lunch) by giving him the meatiest treats just to get him to sit.

14. And sometimes you wonder if your dog even knows what a dog bowl is for.

corgi plays with bowl

15. But all the trouble you go through to get your pup to eat are worth it in the end.

corgi sleeps next to bowl

Because you love that finicky little mutherpupper.

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