13 Dog Breeds That Are Overwhelmingly Affectionate

13 Dog Breeds That Are Overwhelmingly Affectionate

Some pups like their space. Other pups like YOUR space.

For those who loooooove the latter, here, in no particular order and based off personality characteristics are the 12 Breeds Most Likely To Give You some serious PDA.

1. Labrador Retriever

Born to please, it’s a wonder these friendly pups don’t give their hoomans a cavity, they’re so sweet. Plus, everyone knows a happy Lab’s tail-wagging is the best mood booster ever (and also great at clearing small objects off low desks…chairs…tables…).

2. Golden Retriever

Goldens are big, friendly lugs. Popular with families all over, their lovability and affection for their pup parents are the stuff of Hollywood. You doubt? One word: SHADOW.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Steadfast lovebug companions to humans as far back as Britain’s King Charles II’s reign, these pups are always up for super snuggle time! One King Charles, Bentley, was in the news last year gaining fame for his love for his mom, former Ebola patient Nina Pham. Their epic reunion completely shows how devoted these pups are to their parents!

4. The American Pit Bull

Incredibly loyal, incredibly affectionate, America’s dog also used to be known as its “nanny” dog–they’re THAT good with kids. One of the best breeds around, everyone knows Pittie kisses are like no other in quantity AND quality!

5. Brussels Griffon

They’re called Velcro dogs. Please. You can’t GET these scruffy little fuzz-butts to stop showering you with affection!

6. Old English Sheepdog

You can’t look at these pups and not want to give ’em a hug! Good thing they’re all about the love. They’re especially great with kids (though sometimes, they might try to herd them).

7. Affenpinscher

These little pups adore their humans, and can’t wait to find a lap to snuggle! But they’re called mustachioed little devils for a reason, because they love getting into mischief. But they’re so adorable about it, you can’t help but laugh at their naughty ways!

8. Chihuahua

These funny little cuddle bugs fave place: Right by their humans! Good thing they’re portable. πŸ™‚ Chihuahuas can sometimes be wary of strangers, but if you’re their human, you’re THEIR human (and they wouldn’t have it any other way!).

9. Irish Wolfhound

These gentle giants never seem to realize they can’t fit into your lap! Easy-going and always up for a hug, an Irish Wolfhound’s size is only matched by the love they bear for their hooman!

10. Collie

It’s the Lassie dog. C’mon. Anyone who saves a kid who falls down a well (Really? REALLY, Timmy?) has a thing for people. πŸ™‚

11. Great Dane

They’re lap dogs that just don’t care your lap is way, way, waaaaaaay too small for them. πŸ™‚

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via imgur

12. English Bulldog

Slobbery, farty, snoring bundles of wrinkebutt cuddles, the English Bulldog does everything 110%, including adoring their hoomans!

13. The Shelter Mutt

Because when you give a dog a home, what they give back is tenfold! (Plus, where else can you get all these other breeds rolled into one pup?).


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Featured image by Jeff Drongowski