Science Confirms What BarkPost Knew All Along: Dudes With Dogs Are Hotter

Science Confirms What BarkPost Knew All Along: Dudes With Dogs Are Hotter

Oh sure, you blushed whenever we reported on hot dudes and their dogs. Maybe you felt a small “hell yeah” singin’ in your heart, or maybe you thought we were just being cute and silly. But now you know the truth- we were doing the work of science. Science, I say!


The research is in, and it’s here to back up what we knew all along: a guy is just hotter with a dog.


In collaboration with the pet store chain PetSmart*, researchers from the University of Nevada, Indiana University and Rutgers University examined how pet ownership influenced people’s dating lives and mating choices.

*Let’s be fair- normally it should give you paws to see a big business connected to a scientific study. BUT, for the sake of fun, I’m gonna give this the benefit of the doubt. And also because of Tom Hardy:


Anyway, researchers recruited 1,210 single pet owners through 60% of the participants were women and 40% were men; 42% were cat owners and 72% were dog owners (like the Rock, for instance.)


The subjects took a 21-question online survey about how pets entered into their dating lives. 35% percent of women and 26% of men said they had been more attracted to someone because they owned a pet.


Among the participants that were both dog and cat owners, researchers asked “What is the sexiest pet a guy could own?” 500 out of 600 votes went to “a dog.” Well done, troops!


Interestingly enough, 32% of women in their twenties- vs 10% of men- said dating a cat owner was a dealbreaker. A dealbreaker! Sorry cat-bro’s. You bet on the wrong whiskers.


BarkPost is proud to blaze this scientific trail. We know that we’re the Galileo of the “are dudes and dogs hot?” question, boldly going where few dared to tread. But the science has vindicated us! Call off the Inquisition! Let there be pups and pecs forever!

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