18 Unique And Beautiful Gifts For The Dog Art Collector

18 Unique And Beautiful Gifts For The Dog Art Collector

You love art, you love dogs. The two go hand-in-paw with this gift guide for the pup loving art collector. Whether you’re into modern art, mixed media pieces, watercolor, even sculpture, this collection has something for everybody. These one-of-a-kind masterpieces would make amazing gifts for anyone who has an appreciation for beautiful art and who loves dogs more than people.

1. Greyhound Modern Dog Art$40

This street art inspired greyhound portrait will turn any boring beige wall into an instant pawty. If bold and bright is your cup of chow, this piece will get your tail wagging!

Art dog

2. Balloon Dog$45

Bring some nostalgia into your living room with a Balloon Dog that will never pop. These can double as bookends and decor and will liven up any space they reside in.

Balloon Dog

3. Custom Felted Pup Scupture$199

Looking for a truly unique gift for a loved one who is completely obsessed with their dog? This is it. Dreamwood Art Designs has mastered the art of tiny, furry, felted pet sculptures. Your own forever Fido awaits!

Custom Yorkie Sculpture

4. Small Zippered Dog Pouch$15

Melissa Dettloff is the designer and illustrator behind Hooray Forever, an adorable brand of colorful everyday items and handmade gifts. This pouncing pup pouch will bring some pizazz to your everyday life — as will anything from Hooray Forever’s collection!

Canvas Art Pouch

5. Splendid Beast Pet Portraits$129

Choose the costume that best fits your beast’s personality – is he an islander, a hipster, librarian, or a little bit steampunk? Then send a high res image of your pup to Splendid Beast and 8 weeks later you’ll have a custom portrait to cherish forever! Pet Portraits

6. Pup Art Prints$22

There’s always room in your house for more dogs. These elegant doge illustrations by Gingeber are the perfect way to increase your home’s canine quota. Individually or as part of a pack, these art prints are a people-pleaser.

Pup Art Prints

7. Nobility Dogs Dachshund Pillow$42

Give yourself a daily chuckle with this noble Dachshund couple. Nobility Dogs are designed and created by Sandra Sij, a former Kennel Club Judge and a lifelong admirer of dogs. By using the works of famous artists from the old century to the early twentieth-century art, and adapting the personality and expression of different dog breeds, she creates truly unique works of art.

Nobility Dogs

8. Jimmy The Bull Book$14.46

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Rafael Mantesso’s collaborative art featuring his Bull Terrier, Jimmy. On a whim, Rafael grabbed a marker and started drawing scenes around Jimmy on the white space behind him. Jimmy brought inspiration and creativity back into Rafael’s life and the result has been a phenomenal series of charming and cheeky images depicting Rafael and Jimmy’s relationship and adventures. Rafael recently published a book featuring the series with 100 new & classic images. This should be on all dog lover’s must-read list!


9. Chihuahua Print$22

Michel Keck is a self-taught, abstract painter from the mid-west. Keck has a variety of styles but our favorite are these contemporary mixed media collage art pieces. This eccentric Chihuahua print will bring dogspiration to any hound lover’s life.

Michel Keck

10. Pocket Sketchbook$5

Dogs are our greatest inspiration and most likely yours as well! Keep track of your light bulb ideas on-the-go with these fun pocket notebooks. The covers are screen printed in water-based ink, and they are handbound with blank recycled paper inside. Available in 3 color schemes. Perfect stocking stuffers for creative dog lovers.

Dog Notepad

11. Bull Terrier On Found Wood$1250

Berlin based artist Hannah Parr’s series of pups painted on wood are doggone fantastic. The textures & colors she creates are gorgeous! Hannah states that she loves to paint animals, dogs in particular. She claims that she never tires of “observing and celebrating their wonderfully evident personalities.” How could you?! This majestic Bull Terrier painting would bring a bright personality to any room in your home.


12. Royal Pet Portrait$250

Yaaaas Queen! If you bow down to your magnificent beast on the daily this custom Royal Pet Portrait is for you. Jo Chambers is best known for her custom portraits of dogs (and cats!). She also creates beautiful embroidered pieces and custom canine themed floral patterns.Royal Pet Portrait

13. Embroidered Pet Portrait$320

If the custom royal pet portrait wasn’t enough for you, why not add a custom embroidered pet portrait to your collection?!  A unique and pawesome twist on the traditional painted or illustrated custom portrait.


14. Emma The Dachshund, $45 

‘Darling, there’s a reason why they’re called Jimmy ‘Chew’.’ – Emma The Dachshund. For all the fashionista furkids Woof Models delivers the most stylish pup portraits in the dog art world.

Woof Models

15. Doberman Art Print$18.75

This colourful Doberman standing proud is ready to add a splash of Pink to any room you hang it in. Oj’s Dog Paintings feature many different breeds and are full of life and color.

Doberman Painting

15. Custom Pup Pillows$69

Another twist on the traditional painted or illustrated portrait. Shebbo Design creates custom pillow portraits of your pooch. Turn around time is 6-7 weeks so you wouldn’t have it in time for Christmas, but this surely would be something to look forward to!

Pup Pillows

17. Frenchie Painting$180

If whimsy, watercolor, and puppies all sound like you, then Studio Tuesday will be your go-to for custom pooch art.


18. The Archdachess$100

These Acid Invader Dachshund collages originated as a Christmas present to his mother made of a desktop Dachshund calendar. He’s continued doing them on a nearly daily basis ever since using Dachshund calendars and found images from books and magazines. They’re all made from paper and assembled with a knife and glue. His creations are hilarious and any Wiener lover would go nuts for them!

Acid vader

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