19 Bathroom Items That’ll Show Guests You’re A Proud Dog Lover

19 Bathroom Items That’ll Show Guests You’re A Proud Dog Lover

We aren’t sure why your dog follows you to the bathroom, but we’re sure that dogs can inspire some puptastic bathroom decor! Go all out and express how much you love dogs, or keep it minimal with a few dogified bathroom items here and there.

1. Domesticated Trinket Dish, $22.00

We don’t know what kind of dog this is, but it sure makes a cute and quirky trinket dish!


2. Laundry Bag – Bertie Print, £39.00

This bouncy puppy print makes us a little more excited to do laundry. Just a little.


3. Make-Up Bag – Dog Print, £15.00

Featuring a variety of adorable breeds, this is the perfect bag for storing make-up or other toiletries.


4. Red Metal Dachshund Wall Stoage, $39.99

This Doxie shaped, wall hanging basket is perfect for storing extra towels or toilet paper!


5. Bouvier Dog Shower Curtain, $58.00

This handmade, polyester, shower curtain has a ribbon trim and comes in a variety of different colors, as well as different breeds!


6. Bastis Hook, $2.99

Keep your towels dry by hanging them from these adorable dog tail hooks!


7. French Bulldog Soap Dish, $14.00

This handmade soap dish is perfect for any hooman that loves French Bulldogs!


8. Muddy Paws Dog Wash Print, $18.00

Spruce up your bathroom walls with this vintage themed dog print!


9. Terrier Toilet Paper Holder, $54.60

Surprise your guest with this funky pup-inspired toilet paper dispenser. It’s bound to put a smile on their face while they go.

Dog Toilet paper dispenser

10. Airdale Terrier Soap Co. Print, $25.00

Make your favorite breed apart of your bathroom decor by hanging up this cute print that comes in several different breeds!


11. Tri-Color Corgi Bathroom Prints, $28.00

A dogified reminder for proper hygiene! Perfect for kiddos, or any forgetful hooman.


12. Chihuahua Bathroom Print, $17.99

Nothing speaks “fine art” like a Chihuahua on the can!


13. Chein Bath Mat, $38.00

Don’t settle for a solid color memory foam bath mat when you could get one with a hipster puppy on it!


14. Bri Buckly Schnauzer Bathmat, $38.00

This memory foam bath mat features a Schnauzer that would match a variety of color themes!


15. Banjado Bathroom Scale, $45.41

Looking down at the scale is definitely easier when you’re also looking at this silly Chihuahua!


16. Dog Collage Shower Curtain, $68.00

This colorful shower curtain showcases a variety of breeds, big and small! Perfect for your average dog-lover.


17.Dog Paper Holder, $35

Stack your toilet paper on this handy TP holder, so you’ll never have to ask someone to toss you some again.

Dog Toilet Paper Holder

18. Sweet Dachshund Towel, $22.00

Show your Doxie pride with this cute hand-towel from Anthropologie!


19. Dachshund Soap Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder Set Yellow, $28.87

Showcase even more wiener pride and brighten up your sink with this pup arty combo!

Dog inspired soap dispenser

Featured image via Plum and Ashby