18 Spot On Etsy Gifts For The Undercover Dog Lover

18 Spot On Etsy Gifts For The Undercover Dog Lover

Some people just aren’t ready to embrace their inner dog person. Maybe they’re clean freaks or — Dog forbid — involved with a cat person. Whatever the reason, here are 18 fabulous gifts the closeted dog lover can enjoy without anyone discovering their secret!

1. Lacy Puppy Panties, $36


Swoon is a magnificent little Etsy shop specializing in retro-romantic lingerie. Lucky for all the dog lovers on the down low, they offer several pup-themed panties, bralettes, and camisoles. No one will ever know what’s under that decidedly non-dogified outfit!

dog knickers

2. Halter Terrier Bralette, $48

Another fabulous find from Swoon! This adorable little bralette is made in a halter style. Perfect under a dress or for sleeping on a hot night.

scottie bra

3. Pug Pocket Mirror, $5.42

This pretty little pup fits discretely in your pocket or purse. Secret dog fans can pull it out to check their makeup or to ensure their teeth are spinach-free after lunch. Mosey on over to Etsy shop The Kestrel and the Sea for more styles and other whimsical pooch products.

pug mirror

4. Scottie Scented Sachet, $13.13

Handmade pup pillow filled with lavender scented herbs can be placed in a gym bag, lingerie drawer, car console, or anywhere that could use a little freshening up. The best part is that it stays out of sight so closeted dog fans can keep their street cred.

dog potpourri

5. Scottie Dog Shower Curtain, $94

Although there are seemingly endless shower curtain styles available in the wonderful world of Etsy, this allover Scottie Dog print is reminiscent of Houndstooth which makes it timeless and tasteful. The perfect finishing touch to any classy canine lover’s commode.

<shower curtain

6. I Like Dogs Hand Towel, $16.00

A simple but adorable gesture to help nudge your timid future pawrent out into the open. Show them that life is better if they just surrender and at long last say what’s on their minds – “I like dogs!”

dog towel

7. Dapper Bulldog Nighty, $39

Available in black or white, this satin nighty is covered with delightfully dapper bulldogs. Best of all, your gift recipient can hide their puppy love under the covers!

bulldog nighty

8. Puppy Dog Eyes Sleep Mask, $18.51

Under cover of darkness, your hesitant hound admirer can rest easy with this oh-so-cute doggy sleep mask.

dog sleep mask2

9. Pit Bull Custom Sheet Set, $95+

The Etsy shop Queen Bedding designs duvet covers, pillow cases, and full sheet sets in your favorite color silhouetted with a sweet Pit Bull. Opt for the sheets and, as long as your gift recipient makes her bed, no one will ever know!

dog sheets

10. Pastel Pug Coin Purse, $24

Available in several fun colors, this little snap pouch will spend most of its time hidden away in a purse which makes it an excellent choice for closet canine aficionados.

pug change

11. Canine Coffee Spoon Rest, $15

This tiny ceramic dog head is subtle enough to fly under the radar, and the perfect place to rest a coffee spoon or teabag.


12. Dachshund Jewelry Dish, $27

This little pup is simple, classy, and chic in mint green. Secret dog supporters can store rings or trinkets in style without anyone ever being the wiser.

dog ring dish

13. Woof Hanger, $14.99

Gift your super secretive Santa a couple of these “Woof” clothes hangers for their closet — since they’re already in there anyway!


14. Antiqued Doggy Drawer Pulls, $12

If your friend is into the distressed, shabby chic look, these little dog heads will look fab on an old dresser!

drawer pulls

15. Hand Sculpted Clay Canine USB, $26.26+

This talented Etsy-er handcrafts magnificent pups for ornaments, jewelry, or low key USB drives like this one. You can have him model it after a particular dog or the favorite breed of the future pawrent on your list.

dog usb

16. Vintage Style Pill Case, $13

Storage for seven days worth of meds, vitamins, or mints lies inside this cute little case. It even comes with a black velvet bag for extra discretion.

pill case

17. Dachshund Bath Soaps, $4 for 3

They’ve been living with their dirty dog-loving secret for awhile now, help them come clean with these teeny Doxie soaps.

dog soap

18. Boston Terrier Socks, $12

To the unsuspecting eye these socks appear to be pretty routine: just a few white polka dots on a grey background. Only your gift recipient will know that just above her hemline hide two perky-eared terriers!

boston sox

Featured Image via Flickr

And until you’re ready to take your secret out into the light of day, don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone.