20 Gifts For The Fashionista Pup Mom

20 Gifts For The Fashionista Pup Mom

We adore our pups. We find every possible way to bring them into conversation, and once you get us started, we can’t stop. Well, what better way to spark up a conversation about pups, than in your personal fashion? These gifts are pawfect for the fashionista dog mama who’s just trying to show off the love she has for her pup! Put one of these gifts in a dog-mama’s stocking this year, and they’ll be barking about it all year long! Let’s bring a whole new meaning to doggy style.

1. New Yorkie Tee, $23

The dog on this shirt is almost as hip as your city-slicker friend who would look perfect in this tee. GoodieTees is an Etsy shop based in California that has a ton of pawesome dog-themed shirts, so click around and find whatever suits your fancy.

new yorkie tee

2. “Got One Friend in My Pocket” Bag, $40

Holy shih tzu, this is cute. I don’t know what it is about dogs in glasses, but they are just unstoppable. Purchase this for the friend that carries a lot of books, and she’ll never stop smiling on her morning commute.

pup in pocket bag

3. City Slicker Packable Dog Coat, $34

Nobody likes to get rained on, especially your four-legged friend who is much closer to puddles. This Henri Bendel dog raincoat is perfect for the fashionista friend who won’t let rain ruin Fido’s latest ‘do.

henri bendel dog coat

4. Stripe Canvas Dog Carrier, $48

But wait – don’t stop there! Your pup can get a matching Henri Bendel carrier case for the days that he just can’t stand to get his paws wet. We don’t blame you, diva.

dog carrier

5. Great Scottie! Dress, $95

This plaid Scottie dress has “Blair Waldorf” written all over it. ModCloth has amazingly unique finds, but this dress takes the cake with it’s sweet collar and adorable pockets. Pockets that are pawbviously for holding treats.

scottie dress

6. Kate Spade Paw Print iPhone Case, $30

Tiny little pup footprints. It doesn’t get much cuter than that. Kate Spade knows how to make your phone as chic as the rest of your outfit.

paw print phone case

7. “Here We Come A-Wagging” Skirt, $50

Hold the pup up. This is just about the cutest Christmas skirt in the whole world! Rock this everywhere during the holiday season and you’re sure to get some major compliments!

christmas dog skirt

8. Marc Jacobs Shorty Loafers, $228

Your dogs will be barking! These flats might be a splurge, but they’re worth every penny when you consider the fact that you’re literally wearing dogs on your feet all day long. Having a stressful day? Just look down – instant smile

marc jacobs loafers

9. “Howl Have You Been?” Top, $30

This shirt is perfect for the fashionista husky-lovers out there. If you’re dying to rock Balto-inspired clothes on an everyday basis (and let’s be real, who isn’t?) then this shirt is most definitely for you. Now get out there and howl at the moon.

husky shirt

10. Betsey Johnson Bow and Dog Magnet Bracelet, $45

Fashion designer Betsey Johnson is famous for her quirky designs and this adorable gold bracelet is no different. Perfect for stocking stuffers!

betsey johnson bracelet

11. “Corgi, Fi, Fo, Fum” Socks, $10

Take off your boots at the end of the day and BAM – corgis! The designer of these socks mastered the adorably goofy smile on these corgis’ faces.

Corgi socks

12. “Puppies Love Me” Sweatshirt, $13

This sweatshirt speaks the motherpuppin’ truth. Gift your sassiest friend this comfy sweatshirt for the holidays, and she’ll have all the dogs eating out of her palm.


13. “Westies for the Resties” Top, $28

This collared top is just absolutely covered in terriers. Throw on a blazer and some heels with it, and you’ll be the hottest girl at Yappy Hour.

westies shirt

14. Boston Terrier Hairwrap, $11

This Etsy shop sells all kinds of adorable knot-tie headbands, but this Boston Terrier one is obviously our favorite. Keep your hair back and look adorable at the same time!

boston terrier headband

15. Dog Bow Tie Collar, $15+

Do you consider your pup a true gentleman? Dress him like one! This handsome bow tie collar will make Fido feel like he just stepped out of a J.Crew catalogue.

dog collar bowtie

16. “Very Well Rained” Wallet, $30

This adorable wallet takes the saying, “it’s raining cats and dogs” to the next level. The quirkiness will make cashiers everywhere crack a smile no matter how bad their day is going.

dog wallet

17. Opening Ceremony Dog Keychain, $25

This chic little leather accessory is perfect for dressing up a neutral colored purse.


18. Sarah Stewart Dog Print Scarf $112

There are tons of different fashionable, chiffon scarves, but this gorgeous, soft-as-fur one is too pawfect for us to handle!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 5.53.34 PM

19. Vintage Bark Sale Apron, $18

What’s better than the perfect vintage apron? The perfect vintage apron covered in regal-looking poodles. This makes me want to get my bake on ASAP.


20. Verameat Snoop Dog Brass Ring, $40

Luckily, fashion powerhouse, Verameat has lots of adorably dainty items for dog lovers. And just like fashion-loving dog owners, Verameat’s jewelry is both cute and cool. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 5.49.00 PM

Featured Image via Lions and Wolves