19 Gifts For Aspiring Celebrity Dog Moms And Dads

19 Gifts For Aspiring Celebrity Dog Moms And Dads

How did dog lovers ever get by before the days of Celebri-dogs? I personally don’t think I could get out of bed each morning without checking in on the latest antics of Tuna, or finding out what Scout has been balancing on his head lately. And you don’t want to even get me started on Fifty the Two-Legged Pitbull!

Celebri-dogs earn internet fame for a variety of reasons, and many are using this recognition to improve life for dogs everywhere. Some donate the profits from their merchandise to charity, others raise awareness by sharing their stories. But none of these dogs would be where they are today without at least one strong, supportive hooman in their corner. If you know an aspiring celebrity dog mom or dad working to get their pup’s story out there, here are 19 thoughtful gifts to help them on their way.

1. Paw Print Sunglasses, $20.00

When the flashbulbs start popping, celebri-dog moms and pops will be grateful to have these glam pawprint sunglasses to protect their eyes.


2. Small Dog Print Scarf, $72.00

A sassy silhouette dog scarf is a must for moms on the go. Whether she’s staving off a chill in NYC or protecting her hair on a convertible ride through Hollywood, this scarf will be her go-to.


3. Pets Rock Bieber Pillow, $38.53+

This pillow will provide doggy stage moms and their pups the inspiration they need to get as big as Bieber.


4. Naptime With Theo & Beau Book, $17.00

Theo & Beau have certainly mastered internet stardom. Aspiring pup stars and their moms should study this book the way pre-meds study Grey’s Anatomy! (They do that, right?)


5. Dog Mom Yoga Pants, $39.95

When focusing on their dogs’ blossoming careers, stage moms have no time for fashion. These comfy yoga pants in a variety of breeds will become a wardrobe staple.


6. Baggu 3-D Zip Travel Case, $10.00

Promoting their pup’s career is a job that requires lots of travel. This cute case can carry all mom’s makeup or the doggy diva’s favorite treats.


7. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund 2016 Calendar, $9.82

If mom needs more motivation, keeping track of upcoming engagements on this calendar will certainly keep her paws to the fire! Crusoe is an A-list celebrity all upcoming pups should idolize.


8. Diamond Paw Necklace, $399.99

Every stage mom needs a little bling! This white and black diamond necklace pays homage to her puppy love.


9. Mad Dog Leather Ice Bucket, $76.00

When it comes time to pop some bottles in celebration, celeb dog moms will appreciate this classy, dapper dog themed ice bucket to keep their Cristal chilled.


10. Internet Sensation Tee, $17.99

Truth. Let’s just hope the aspiring celebrity dog mom on your list has a sense of humor.


11. Gold Crown Pet Bed, $217.99

If they want their dog to act like a star, they’ve got to treat them like a star! This canopy dog bed topped with a golden crown is a good start!


12. Celebrity Bling Rhinestone Collar, $23.99

If the stage mom you’re shopping for already has her own bling, how about some celebrity style for her pup?


13. Larry The Dog Hoodie, $24.95

10% of the profits from Larry the Dog‘s merchandise goes to fund the Indy Pit Crew, an Indianapolis organization helping to improve breed awareness and Pitbull adoptions. This no nonsense hoodie will keep stage moms toasty while they aspire to Larry’s level.



14. Bon Armoire, $269.99

If her dog is anything like Trotter the Frenchie,icono then she is going to need some major closet space!


15. Tuna Is My Spirit Animal Travel Mug, $18.00

Looking at that famous face every time she sips her coffee will inspire your favorite Celebri-dog mom to up her game!


16. Momager Of A Celebridog Tank, $25.00

Make sure all those Hollywood types know who she is and that she means business.




17. Internet Famous ID Tag, $9.99

So what if it’s not true yet? It’s going to be, right?


18. Doge Meme Earrings, $6.00

The original doge meme star is like the Marilyn Monroe of the Celebri-dog world.


19. Custom Hand Painted Tote, $42.98+

Once the magnificent pup in question has achieved internet stardom, the merch is going to fly off the shelves. For the time being, doggy stage moms should be flashing that furry face every chance they get. That’s where this exquisitely detailed hand painted tote comes in!


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