14 Gifts For Dogs With A Mean Case Of Toilet Tongue

14 Gifts For Dogs With A Mean Case Of Toilet Tongue

Editor’s Note: Bad breath can be a sign of Dental Disease which, if left untreated, can lead to serious illnesses such as heart disease as well as kidney or liver failure. If you are concerned about your dog’s bad breath, see your vet.


Halitosis is a difficult subject to broach with our hooman companions, but luckily our dogs could care less about their dragon breath. In fact, many seem to take pride in it. Why else would they pin you down by your hair and smother you in garbage-scented kisses?

Poop breath may not be a big concern for your dog, but it can certainly put a damper on your day (and appetite). We have compiled 14 products to help sweeten your pup’s exhalations while masquerading as awesome gifts, too!

1. BARK Bright, $25.00

BARK Bright is the #1 product on this list because, while its three super-powered enzymes act as effective cleaning agents for fresher breath and healthier gums, it also tastes so delicious your dog will never confuse it with a boring old toothbrush. Instead, they’ll flip for the all-natural dental sticks and chicken-flavored toothpaste, making dental hygiene a total treat. Each Bright Dental Kit contains a month’s worth of dental hygiene for just about $1/day, so we can’t think of a better (and more cost-effective!) gift. 

2. WoofMints™, $19.95

woof mints new 2

WoofMints™ are a sure way to get rid of your dog’s dank breath. Sneak one of these all-natural gel caps in with your dog’s kibble, favorite treat, or a spoonful of peanut butter and you’ll be good to go!

3. Benebone Bacon Dental Chew, $13.00


Durable, bacon-infused nylon will keep even the heaviest of chewers busy and satisfied. This chew comes in a fun, easy to hold shape so your pup can grab on and go to town!

4.  Nylabone DuraChew Dental Dino Dog Toy, $4.99


A long-lasting, chicken-flavored nylon chew toy with dental nubs all over for added cleaning of teeth and gums. Great for dogs of all ages, up to 50 pounds. Best of all, this cute Dino comes in your choice of Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus or Tyrannosaurus.

5.  Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews, $10.39 – 16.99

cet chews

These chews are indeed made of rawhide, so dogs must be supervised during chewing to avoid swallowing large pieces. However, these are made from only U.S. cattle and come highly recommended by veterinarians. The chicken flavored glaze is enzymatic meaning it mixes with your dog’s saliva to clean the entire mouth and freshen breath.

6.  Petstages Mini Dental Triple Pack Dog Chew Toys, $6.50

mini dental

These toys are great for teething puppies and small dogs. Not only does each toy have it’s own unique benefits like removing tartar or soothing sore gums, their benefits are clearly disguised so your pup will never know his teeth are being cleaned!

7.  Whimzees Alligator Dental Dog Treats, $12.99


Cute dental dog treats also come in a hedgehog shape! They are 100% vegetarian, and free of gluten, preservatives, and chemicals. The nubs on the gator’s tail help scrape tartar from between teeth as your dog chews.

*Although these are considered highly digestible, always monitor your dog while chewing to keep him from swallowing large chunks.

8. Organic Cotton Crochet Donuts, $12.99

crochet donuts

These toys are so cute and fun your pup will never suspect they’re good for his teeth, too! Squeaky toy is made of 100% organic cotton weave. The unique crochet style allows teeth to penetrate the fibers for some natural flossing action. Also available in an adorable ice cream cone and vanilla swirl cupcake!

9.  Pet Naturals Breath Bites, $5.84

breath bites

Made in the USA with all natural ingredients, these chicken liver-flavored treats are safe to give between meals. Not only do they freshen breath, they are also said to reduce fecal odor! Poop poop poo-ray!

10.  FUNdamentals Polar Freeze Dog Toy, $14.00

polar freeze

These adorable little guys are so much more than just toys. The center ring features little nubs to clean teeth during play. You can also soak them in water and freeze them to help sooth sore gums. Each toy has a squeaker and is 100% buoyant so you can take it to the pool or beach.

11.  Loofah Dental Dog Toys, $8.97


Loofah dog toys by Hip Doggie are made from 100% certified organic vegetable material. Choose the crab, duck, turtle, or my personal favorite — the flip flop and starfish combo. Your dog will have no idea that he’s flossing while he plays!

12.  TropiClean Fresh Breath Liquid Floss & Triflossball, $7.49


Here’s a unique idea- a rope toy perfect for pups who love tug of war, plus a little something extra. The liquid floss spray is applied directly to the toy, so when your pooch sinks his teeth in he gets extra cleaning action!

13. CET Toothpaste, $.4.99


I know toothpaste may not seem like much of a gift, but my dogs actually love this stuff! We use the poultry flavor, but it also comes in malt, beef, seafood and vanilla mint. If your pooch won’t let you “brush” his teeth, try applying some paste to a moist washcloth and gently massaging the gums for a few seconds. No treat or toy can do more for your dog’s teeth and gums than routine brushing with a high quality, vet recommended toothpaste.

14. Homemade Mint Dog Treats

Two things we know to be true: (1) That the stomach truly is the key to the heart and (2) that gifts you make yourself can mean so much more — so kill two birds with one bone this holiday season by whipping your dog up a batch of these Homemade Mint Dog Treats. Delicious, crunchy treats and sweeter scented kisses? Yes please!

dog mints

14.  Dental Cleaning Procedure, Prices Vary


Sometimes brushing, treats, chews and sprays just aren’t enough. If your dog has significant dental disease, the only way to return the mouth to a healthy state is with a professional veterinary dental cleaning. Your dog will feel better, look better and smell better, plus removing all that build up will help prevent disease. Ask your vet if your dog is a good candidate for a dental cleaning.

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