22 Gifts For The Movie Obsessed Pup Parent

22 Gifts For The Movie Obsessed Pup Parent

When it comes time to rack our brains for gift ideas, we tend to think of what our recipient loves most in the world. If movies and mutts spring to mind when you think of a certain loved one, then we have the list for you! Every product is designed to delight film fanatics who have paw prints on their hearts.

1. The Dogwalker Tee, $15.50

No self respecting movie buff would fail to list Coppola’s iconic trilogy (or at least Parts 1 and 2) amongst their top fave films. This is a playful pup-themed take on the original movie poster.


2. Dog + Netflix = Happiness Print, $15.00+

Movie loving pawrents turn Netflix and Chill into an art form. Now you can choose their favorite breed and give them a thoughtful gift to adorn their viewing room!


3. Admit One Dog Lead, $26.00+

Colorful movie tickets adorn this stylish leash. A must-have for every dog obsessed movie buff.


4. Mischief Managed Doggie Tee, $18.99

Harry Potter may be one of the few film series that have actually (arguably) done justice to the books upon which they are based. Plus, they have a pawsitively massive fan base! Parents of Potter pups will be delighted to dress their buddies in this cheeky tee.


5. Lady & The Tramp Earrings, $7.50

Lady & The Tramp is a timeless classic that nurtured many a future pawrent’s puppy love when they were children. Delight the Disney loving dog mom on your list with these lovely nostalgic earrings.



6. At The Movies Small Dog Bed, $135.00

One look at this amazingly cozy theater themed bed and your favorite film fan will be pawstruck!


7. Terrier Terminator Art Print, $20.00

“Come with me if you want to nap.” This tough terrier is a super sassy Terminator cyborg who apparently hates teddy bears. Sci Fi loving dog parents will certainly appreciate this cuddly nod to an 80’s classic.


8. Top Dog ID Tag, $13.24

Dogs with a need for speed have got to have this Top Gun themed ID tag!


9. Triple Dog Dare Pillow, $34.00

The perfect gift for dog moms and dads who ring in the season with the American classic, A Christmas Story.


10. Zero The Dog Duvet, $125.00+

Faithful sidekick to the Pumpkin King, Zero the dog stole The Nightmare Before Christmas fans’ hearts — even if he was dearly departed. This duvet is simple and understated. (Pro-Tip: The Etsy shop also carries Zero pillows!)


11. Hondo Movie Poster Magnet, $29.95

Got a Western fan on your list, Pawtner? They’ll love this oversized magnet featuring John Wayne and his canine companion from Hondo.


12. Titanic Dog Tote, $39.90

“I’ll never let go of this tote. I’ll never let go,” is what your Titanic fan friend will be saying when they get a gander at this dog infused version of their favorite movie’s promo.


13. Paws The Movie Tee, $14.99+

Can you imagine how long it would take to wash off the slobber from this Great White sized pup?


14. Ghostbusters Sweatshirt, $29.99

Your favorite Ghostbusters fan can stay warm while walking the dog or searching for Zule in this funny crewneck.


15. Frankenweenie Earrings, $11.26

Who doesn’t love Sparky? He’s everyone’s favorite ghost dog, and now you can give your favorite Tim Burton movie buff these fun, “Spark-ly” earrings!


16. Jurassic Bark Dog Hoodie, $31.14

Jurassic World was okay, but true movie fans (and their dogs) know that nothing could ever top the original.


17. A Clockwork Dog-range Shower Curtain, $99.90

The same shop that brought us the fabulous Titanic tote also has a line of dog and movie themed shower curtains. This one portrays Alex the Dachshund in the cult classic, A Clockwork Orange. To see their extensive collection of pillows, totes, posters, and more visit NobilityDogs on Etsy.


18. Charlie Chaplin Dog’s Life Collar, $20.00+

The 1918 silent film, A Dog’s Life featured a plucky little pooch named Scraps who helps his pawrents lead a better life. This collar pays homage to the film that surely inspired many movie goers to go out and adopt a dog.


19. Mutt Cutts Tee, $21.79

Fans of Harry and Lloyd will get a good giggle from this tee. Get one for each pawrent and let them argue over who’s Dumb and who’s Dumber.


20. Movie Monster Dog Bed, $35.00+

Horror fans love to turn on their favorite scary movie and snuggle with their pups. This bed features classic movie villains on a Gothic black background. Spooky.


21. Pup Moviegoer Print, $20.00

Printed on a vintage dictionary page, this pup is ready for the show with his soda, popcorn, and 3-D glasses. This would make a great addition to the family theater room.


22. As Long As The Dog Lives Tee, $17.99

No list of gifts for movie loving dog parents would be complete without this tee. It says it all doesn’t it?


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