18 Beautiful Gifts For Pit Bull Parents And Lovers

18 Beautiful Gifts For Pit Bull Parents And Lovers

As the holidays approach, all of us here at BarkPost are avoiding the cold and frantically digging around the Internet to find the perfect gifts for all of the special hoomans (and hounds!) in our lives.

Anyone who knows a Pittie lover can attest that their hearts are absolutely owned by these majestic Wigglebutt Monsters. Sadly, nearly 1 million Pit Bulls are euthanized in America every year, mostly because these misunderstood dogs are constantly subjected to unfair breedism. Honor these beautiful, soulful beings and the humans that love them with these 18 paw-picked Pittie products.

1. I Heart My Pit Bull$20

How can you not love that smooshy, smiley mug?! This flowy racerback tank is a must-have for any Pit mama’s wardrobe. Perfect for layering under a cozy sweater during the chilly months ahead!

2. Pit Bull Art Print$12.50

This watercolor Pitopotamus would be a stand out gift for any pup art collector with a soft spot for Velvet Burritos. A perfect pop of color to liven up any space!

Pit Bull Print

3. Pit Bull Charm Necklace$55

The Season of Giving just got a whole lot sweeter! Etsy shop SilhouPETte pledges 30% of their profits to feeding homeless dogs and cats so every beautiful piece of jewelry you buy ensures deserving critters have a full belly for the holidays.

Pit Bull Necklace

4. Pit Bull Pendant/Keychain$32

The perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa surprise for any devoted member of the Pittie Committee. Daily reminders of the ones we cherish most make everything that much brighter.


5. Pit Bull Mug, $39.95

Your day is bound to start off on the right paw when sipping your morning latte from a grinning Pit Bull mug. ‘Tis the season for puppuccinos!pitbull-brown

6. I Love My Pit Bull Crew$35

Hey, they say honesty is the best policy, don’t they? Come on out and say it with this comfy crew sweatshirt, the ultimate way to display your unbridled Pit passion to the world.


7. Itty Pitties 2016 Wall Calendar$18.95

Help someone you love start every day off with Pittie puppies galore! Calendars are an inexpensive and thoughtful gift for the dog lovers on your list.

Pit Bull Calendar

8. Pit Bull Terrier Earrings$125

The classiest Land Manatees you ever did see! These gorgeous sterling silver Pit face earrings would make stunning gifts for a Bully mom. Designed by Amit Eshel, the pup jeweler extraordinaire behind Siberian Art Jewelry.

Bull Dog Terrier

9. Pit Bull Baby Onesie$27

Designed for the littlest members of the Itty Bitty Pittie Committee. Suit up your babe in this adorable, organic onesie with the most loyal face you ever did see. Instill the Pit love from the beginning and nuture the unique friendship between hooman and hound siblings.Pit Bull Baby Onesie

10. Lover Not A Fighter Keychain, $12.99

Anyone with Bull Terriers in their life values the importance of raising positive Pittie awareness. Larry is a love-a-bull dog who’s mission is to spread the message that his pack is made up of lovers not fighters. His Etsy shop is full of charming Bully-inspired apparel and accessories — AND 10% of the profits are donated to his local Pit Bull organization, Indy Pit Crew.

“Many of us can relate to a Pit Bull. We are quick to be judged and misunderstood. We are innocent yet feared based on the way we look. I am a Pit Bull.” -Larry The Dog

Lover Not A Fighter

11. Pit Bull Painting$28

With some of the most soulful eyes you’ve ever seen, this Pitters portrait makes a beautiful gift for any artsy pup lover.

Pit Bull Painting

12. Pit Bull Flower Power Calendar$30

Sophie Gamand has created a powerful movement through her photo series Pit Bull Flower Power to shed positive light on Pit Bulls, especially those in shelters.

All the models from the series are Pit Bulls who were awaiting adoption at the time their portrait was taken and, sadly, many of them still are. Treat a friend to 12 months of flowery furry faces and support a great cause at the same time!

Pit Bull Flower Power

13.Pit Bull Pillow$30

Pup-inspired decor adds extra warmth to any home. Surprise an obsessed Pittie pawson with a set of these colorful, cozy pillows.


14. Eco-Friendly Pit Bull Tote$14.99

When schlepping around the City, every woof lover needs a tote featuring their furry bestie. This eco-friendly canvas bag displaying “Dude the Pit Bull” is the perfect carry-all for everyday adventures with your own dude.

Pit Bull Tote

15. Pittie Necklace$29.68

Calling all befuddled boyfriends wandering the halls of the internet in search of the perfect gift for your GF. Here holds the key to your Pittie lovin’ princess’ heart. Show your love for her and her pup with this dainty gold Pit Bull bauble.

Pittie Necklace

16. Pit Bull Sweatshirt$39

Designed for the proud Pit Bull parent, this cozy sweatshirt will keep you warm all winter long. Wrap this up with the Pit Bull Baby Onesie under the tree for the perfect combo for a doting Bull pup mom.

Pit Bull Crew

17. Pit Bull Pillow$35

How cute is this hand-illustrated Pit puppy pillow?! Another winning prezzie for any member of the House Seal lovers club!

Pitbull Pillow

18. Pit Bull Clock$63

This beautifully designed time-teller with keep you and your Pittie prompt to all of your doggie dates. If you’re on the hunt for a unique gift to deck the halls of a Pit Bull lover, posthaste! Time is running out!

Pit Bull Clock