17 Dog Products You Won’t Believe You’ve Been Living Without

17 Dog Products You Won’t Believe You’ve Been Living Without

How many times have you found yourself wishing there was a solution for carrying too much stuff at once while on a walk with your pup? Or some sort of technology that could make your busy life a little easier so that you could better take care of your four-legged best friend? Or check-in with them when your out running errands?

Thankfully, some smart hoomans out there have done the thinking and inventing for you! Below are some essential items that you’ll never believe you were able to live without before today.

1. Petzi Treat Cam

The Petzi Treat Cam is an easy way to check-in with your pup and even toss them a treat when you’re not home. The treat cam can be controlled from an app on your smart phone or tablet. The app allows you to see your dog, snap a photo, speak to your dog, and even dispense a treat!

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2. The Original Fozzy Dog Leash 

Walking your dog while trying to juggle a leash, keys, and a phone is every dog owner’s daily struggle. Who knew there was a leash designed so that we never have to go through that again? The Fozzy Dog leash, to be exact. It comes with a pouch to store items so that you never “forget” to have a poop bag.


3. Dog Crate Cover Set-Up

Gone are the days of the metal crate being an eye-sore in your room. This trendy cover actually comes in two patterns and colors and can even have your crate double as a nightstand! The best part is the set comes with a comfy (& machine washable) bumper and mat for inside the crate that your pup is bound to love.

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4. Grannick’s Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray Bottle 

Keep your dog from chewing the furniture or licking its paws by spraying this taste deterrent. Dogs hate the taste/smell, and it should curb their destructive habits for whenever “No!” isn’t enough.


5. SnackDuO

The perfect on-the-go accessory for a day of adventure with your pooch. The collapsible bowl is great for food and drink and attaches to your water bottle so that your pup will never go thirsty on another outing again!

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6. Gunnar Travel Mat

This is the perfect mat for taking a break on a hike, or giving your pup a place to rest in your car. It also folds up easily so you can take it with you wherever you go.

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7. Membo 

If you don’t live alone, chances are you and the other members of your house are all sharing the responsibility of taking care of the dog. But this is where confusion occurs. With so many people feeding the dog, it becomes hard to keep track of how often the dog has been fed each day. Thankfully, this reminder tool puts that problem to rest by letting everyone know when a task has been completed or not. Simply flip the tab over once the task has been completed. Poor Fido. He’s going to miss that fourth meal.


8. Nomad Travel Bowls

Never have a parched or hangry pup again. This portable food and water bowl combo is pupfect for any outing. The bowls zip together into a slim disk making it that much easier to pack.

Ruby Nomad Travel Bowls

9. Martingale Collar

Perfect for walking your pooch and keeping them right by your side. The limited cinch loop makes it easy to train your dog to heel and doesn’t hurt them in any way. Plus, the collar is made with two bright fun colors to spice up your dog’s look!

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10. Puppy Bumper 

Tiny dogs and big fences don’t mix. Fortunately, if you want to keep your pooch from slipping between the fence, the Puppy Bumper has you covered. Simply slip it over your dog and you have a stylish look that’ll keep you worrying a lot less.


11. iFetch 

A perfect gift for parents of dogs who just can’t get enough playtime, the iFetch makes endless games of catch with your dog a thing of the past. Simply train your dog to drop a ball into the iFetch and the machine spits it back out. You can even set the distance of how far you want the device to throw the ball. Simply go to work, turn on the iFetch, and let your dog entertain themselves.


12. FroBo

Every dog owner knows the struggle of keeping a dog cool in the summer. But frozen ice treats and iced water only last so long. That’s where the FroBo comes in. The bowl comes with a non-toxic gel insert that you freeze in your fridge before inserting it into the bowl. The gel insert stays cold without melting, keeping water ice cold all day long.


13. Cooling Mat 

And speaking of cooling dogs down, another way to keep them cool is with this cooling mat. Soft and puncture-resistant, your dog is sure to enjoy taking summer naps on it.


14. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 

When you have a dog that sheds a lot, sometimes it feels like nothing works. I guess you’ll just have to get used to the couch being encased in fur, right? Wrong. This handheld vacuum packs a lot of power in its tiny size. Simply swipe it along your couch or pet bed and watch the fur just disappear. Hey, they don’t call it the “eraser” for nothing!


15. PetNet SmartFeeder

Dogs love consistency, and this nifty piece of technology delivers just that! Never worry again about not making it home on time to feed your pup after work. Pre-portioned meals make it easy for you to keep track of exactly how much your pup is eating every day. Plus, get your kibble automatically delivered with PetNet!


16. Buster Activity Mat

So you just got home from work. All you want to do is relax, but your crazy puppy wants to play. Time to whip out the Buster Activity Mat! This mat stimulates dogs both physically and mentally, and comes with three “tasks” for your dog to finish. Think of it like a puzzle–for your dog. Depending on your dog’s intellect, it should keep them distracted for hours. Don’t forget the handy Carrier Bag to go with!


17. WoofMints

WoofMints are an easy way to upgrade your dog’s breath from dank to minty fresh. 😉 The small gel capsules are made with organic parsley oil and peppermint that dissolve in your dog’s stomach to actually eliminate your dog’s bad dog breath. Simply mix a WoofMints with your dog’s favorite treat or food and you’re good to go!

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Featured image via Petzi