Crazy Wiener Dog Lady
Calling all Crazy Wiener Dog Lovers! Here's your chance to show the world how much you really love your Sausage. We took to the Internet to bring you the most unique gifts inspired by all things long, short and furry. Here's the ultimate list of must have accessories, apparel, and home decor items to fulfill your undying love for Weenies!
Source: Bean Goods
1. Crazy Wiener Dog Lady Crew, $63.00, Loud and proud! Let your true colors shine with this cozy sweatshirt from Bean Goods.
2. Camo Doxie Socks, $8, Perfect crew-length socks topped with hiding hot dogs. Stocking stuffer win!
Source: Verameat
3. Dachshund Babe Brass Ring, $40, Because Dachshunds are better than diamonds.
4. Wiener Dog Nail Decals, $6, Take your nail game to another level with this Wiener loving flair!
Source: Bean Goods
5. Doxie Luxe Tote, $28, High fashion inspired for the chicest Doxie moms.
Source: BarkShop
6. Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund Book, $16.00, Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the life of one of the most famous dogs of our time.
7. Sausage Dog Pendant, $59, This long little doggie will keep you company everywhere you go.
8. Dachshund Winter Gloves, $59, Keep your hands toasty and cute while you walk your Ween during the winter months.
Source: Pound Designs
9. Warhol Weenie Phone Case, $35, Add some pop to your daily routine with these Warhol inspired Wiener pups.
Source: Bean Goods
10. Wiener Dogs Are My Spirit Animal Crew, $63.00, They are your spirit animal and you are their's. Express your Doxie way of life with this staple piece for any Wiener Dog lover's closet.
Source: BarkShop
11. Dachshund Creamer, $15.00, Let this dapper Doxie fix up your coffee in style. He'll look dashing on your Christmas morning breakfast spread.
Source: Neiman Marcus
12. Sausage Dog Cuff, $272, Wear your sausage on your sleeve! 18 karats of golden Doxie love.
Source: Baggu
13. Baggu Dachshund Tote, $9.00, Grocery shop in style with this Weentastic re-usable tote by Baggu.
14. Dachshund Ice Cube Tray, $18, Oh My Weens! Cocktail hour just got cuter than EVER!
Source: ShopEliAndLeah
15. Golden Wiener Ring, $138, Doxie moms are owned by their Weens! Wear this gold Doxie on your ring finger to make it official.
Source: MilanDIY
16. Dachshund Puppy iPhone Accessory, $3.98, It doesn't get much cuter than a tiny Doxie puppy hanging off the top of your iPhone.
Source: Fenella Smith
17. Sterling Silver Sausage Dog Studs, $72.25, Pawmazing gift set for your favorite Wiener Dog enthusiast! Includes 2 Tea Towels, 1 Apron and 1 Cushion by canine chic designer, Fenella Smith.
Source: huiyitan
18. Sterling Silver Sausage Dog Studs, $44, Add just the right amount of Wiener ruv to your outfit with these dainty Doxie studs.
Source: Bean Goods
19. Doxie Logo Beanie, $21, A simple and chic nod to your undercover Dachshund obsession. Stay warm and cute all winter with this knit hat.
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19 Unique Gifts For Wiener Lovers