Sometimes, it seems you can never do the fashion trends that fill the magazines and runways. Why? Because you have to look out for dog drool, paw prints, fur. Still, just because you're a pup parent doesn't mean you have to be frumpy! Here are 7 hot spring fashion trends you can totally do as a pup parent.
Source: Modcloth
Doing animal prints in unexpected ways were all over the runways for Spring Fashion. What better way to do this trend than showing your love for pups? Not only is it a chic statement, but you can easily dress this look down OR up. Start Spreading The Pooch Dress, $69.99, Modcloth
The 70s are back--but toned down. Don't go completely disco. Instead, doing this trend in a subtle way by taking some comfy, ripped jeans and looking ready for a music festival. The plus? If the pants are already ripped, then anything your dog may or may not add will just add character, including slobber! Stretch Tom girl Jean, $49.95, American Eagle Outfitters
Source: Anthtropologie
What is more pup-proof than the safari look? Khakis, dark olive greens, browns: Pawfect colors to hide stains from muddy paws! Plus, most of the materials are generally easily washable. Update the look by doing it in a lightweight coat. With plenty of pockets for treats, extra collars, poop bags and other accessories all pup parents need, this is one trend that is furtastic. Lou Anorak, $365.00, Anthropologie
Source: Modcloth
Yes. Warmer weather is here which means vacation, which means swimsuits, which means ughghghgh GO AWAY WINTER WEIGHT! A great way to never worry about looking bad in a swimsuit again? Try a one-piece in a retro pattern, like gingham (which also happens to be a spring trend). You can look like a 1950s bathing beauty with your trusty pup pal by your side as you stroll along the beach, glamorous and pretty with your pooch! The best part? Throw on a skirt, and it's a cute halter top! Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Blue Gingham, $89.99, Modcloth
Source: Forever21
Sporty is totally in, but that doesn't mean you have to go around looking like a reject from Dodgeball. Instead, do comfy sportswear with a fun graphic print ABOUT DOGES. What better way to do casual, look cool, and communicate your love of pups all at once? Puppies Sweatshirt, $17.90, Forever21
Source: H&M
Power shoulders doesn't mean 80s shoulder pad horror. Instead, it means showing off those shoulders as one of your loveliest assets! The best part about this? All it takes is a comfy, easily washable cami. This way, you can totally tussle with your pooch, be completely stylish and give off some seductive shoulder all at the same time! V-neck Camisole Top, $29.95, H&M
Source: Modcloth
Don't think you can do suede (not to mentioned suede in colors) when you have a dog? Think again! Rock this trend in a comfy shoe that you can easily slip on when you're walking your pup? Case in point, wear a unisex sandal BUT with a suede strap to make it fashionable. Slobber proof, classy, and it will definitely add a pop to your outfit! Strappy Camper Sandal in Burgundy Suede, $124.99, Modcloth
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