The Coolest Scavenger Hunt to Do With Your Dog

The Coolest Scavenger Hunt to Do With Your Dog

New Yorkers love their city and they also love their pups! In paw-nor of this we’ve partnered up with Stray Boots, an app that lets you go on tours around the country, to create a scavenger hunt of Central PAWk with your pup. If you live in NYC or ever plan to bring your pup with you on a visit, this is the paw-fect way to spend some quality time with your four-legged ruv.

Just download the app in the App Store and Stray Boots will walk you through your scavenger hunts. Best part of all? BarkPost readers can download the BarkPost tour for free with the code SBTX-BARKPOST. Just go into your account and select “Claim a Tour” and you’re ready to explore the PAWk with your pup! 🙂


The tour is full of surprising facts about dogs related to Central Park. From the Guggenheim to Balto, there’s a bunch of stuff to learn and plenty of time for photo ops with your pup!
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And be sure to check out all of Stray Boots’ tours in other cities all across the country and London!