Doug the Pug with a drink
Not only is Stockton's Wags & Whiskers Canine Cafe dog-friendly, but it also has a menu just for your dog featuring "wuffins", doggy ice cream cookies, dog beer and more.
You and your dog can both enjoy an authentic Texan meal at this dog-friendly joint in Dallas. After burgers and hot dogs, purchase a day pass and head over to the Cantina's one-acre dog park for some socialization for your pup.
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Take your dog out for a night on the town at Tokyo's Deco's Dog Cafe, where the menu features both human and canine versions of cabbage rolls, sweet potato scones and more.
Who needs daycare when you can bring your dog to Puppychino, New Delhi's first hooman/dog cafe? The cafe even has a designated play place where dining dogs can run around and get to know each other after filling up on doggie pizza.
Pupp in Dublin offers delectable treats for two- and four-legged friends alike. Stop by in the morning and grab a nutella french toast for yourself and a doggy tea for your furry breakfast date.
Stop by Besa Grill in Clearwater, Fla., from 3-6 p.m. for $1 off doggie entrees. We hear dogs go crazy for the K-9 meatballs!
Take your dog out for a night on the town at Art and Soul in Washington D.C. Here, you and your dog both can enjoy sirloin and a cold brew for dinner, and frozen treats for dessert.
Pups in Gothenburg, Sweden go crazy for Levantine, where they chow down on Swedish ox and Swedish cod.
The chefs at the Salt House Kitchen in Sunderland, England like to stick to the basics. Items on the dog menu include sausages, bacon and everyone's favorite: the dog biscuit.
Dogs who visit The Carrington in Surry Hills, Australia have a tough choice to make: steak & veggies or beef tartare? Either way, your dog can't go wrong.
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10 Cafes Around the World That Have a Menu for You and Your Dog

Going out to dinner is always a treat, but it can be heartbreaking to leave your dog at home while you enjoy a delectable meal in town. Thankfully, several restaurants don’t want you to leave your dog at home either — In fact, they even want your dog to have a meal of their own. If you’re looking to plan a doggie dinner date (and who isn’t?), check out these restaurants that offer meals for you and your pup.

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