10 Of The Most Epic Car Dog Mess Stories You’ve Ever Heard

10 Of The Most Epic Car Dog Mess Stories You’ve Ever Heard

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We all love riding down the open road with our pups. But sometimes, their traveling style doesn’t always agree with our cars.

Here are 10 of the most epic dog car mess stories you’ve ever heard, as told by pup parents themselves.

1. Mess Master: Audrey

“When I was traveling for the first time with my new boyfriend, we took my dog Audrey. Instead of being a romantic, lovely, scenic drive Audrey chose to express her anal glands all over my boyfriend and his seat. It was unbearable smell that we had to breathe in for 2 more hours.” – told by human Laura



2. Mess Master: Crosby

“From my dad: 6am departure. 9 hour drive ahead. 15 minutes into curvy, back-country roads with another hour ahead before reaching an interstate. Puppy coughs from the back. 2 minutes later – puppy vomit smell wafts through the car. Turns out puppy gets car sick!” – told by human Francie



3. Mess Master: Moxie

“My dog Moxie sprayed diarrhea over the back seat (and my son Nat) and then hopped into my lap while I was driving about 80 on the highway. She also went with my friend for the day. They went rock climbing and out for Mexican food. On the way home she barfed all over everyone in the back seat. It smelled really bad. After a little detective work they realized one of humans had an upset stomach from the Mexican food and snuck off to poop in the woods. Moxie then snuck back and ate it. Then it made her sick and she threw up human Mexican food poop over everyone.” – told by human Jeremiah



4. Mess Master: Deever

“When I was a kid and my family dog was a puppy he would get super car sick… and then I would get car sick…. and then my brother would also get car sick….. there would be throw up everywhere. My parents hated us all. I have no photo evidence, but I promise it did happen.” – told by human Emma



5. Mess Master: Kassie

“The first time I brought Kassie to work in an Uber, I called ahead, told them that I had a dog and they said okay no problem. I get her in the car, tell the driver to take the Holland tunnel, and we’re on our way! A minute into the ride, he tells me he’s petrified of dogs and has ‘premonitions’ that he’s gonna die in a tunnel. He hates being trapped, and has childhood fears from being stuck in an elevator for 20 minutes as a kid. Of course, as we get to the Holland Tunnel entrance, we hit heavy traffic. Kassie LOVES people, so she whines anytime a car is stopped and she sees people walking across sidewalks. Kassie starts whining, walking all around his car (while the Uber driver is saying, ‘Oh no! Devil dog! Oh no!’ I’m trying to comfort Kassie and keep her in the backseat, while trying to keep the Uber driver IN the car, and moving towards NYC. We finally get in to the Holland Tunnel, and the driver is slamming on the brakes every time we hit traffic, which is pushing Kassie toward the front seats of the car. All of the sudden, Kassie starts puking. It lands on the shoulder of the Uber driver, and all down his arm. He starts crying. I keep telling him we’ll all be fine, as I’m patting his arms with tissues. 10 minutes later, we’re finally out of the tunnel! When we get to work, I go upstairs and grab more paper towels for the Uber driver, and try to console him one last time (he’s about to go back through the tunnel… good luck with that one!!!) Kassie’s dog hair (and throw-up) is all over his backseat. Surprisingly, I still have a 4.8 rating on Uber!” – told by human Nikki



6. Mess Master: Andi

“When Andi was a puppy, she used to get super car sick, and she would always vomit in the hardest part of the car to clean out. It didn’t matter where we put her-back of the seat, on our lap, on the floor, in a bag, guaranteed as soon as we would get in the car, she would barf and it would end up in-between, under or behind the seat in the most difficult place to reach.” – told by human Lisa (a.k.a. the author)



7. Mess Master: Brandy

“My Father was driving my dog Brandy to the groomer for me one day and put her in the backseat by herself. Brandy was used to riding on my lap and decided to seek revenge against my dad for isolating her to the backseat. The further he drove, the more he smelled an ever growing odor of poop. Every time he looked in the rear view brandy was innocently sitting there, poop free. Finally my Dad could take the stench no longer and pulled over to investigate. Brandy had indeed pooped, then mashed it into the crevice between the seat and the backrest. Her paws were covered in old lady poop AND he had to dig out the squished remnants from between the seats. He swore the odor never came out of the car the entire rest of the time he owned it.” – told by human Dina



8. Mess Master: Dingo

“Took a trip to the Poconos with a rental car, talked to the rep at the desk when picking up the car who assured me “dogs are allowed” and “cleaning is included.” Awesome. Fast forward to the weekend: hikes in the mud, dog fur all over the car, long journeys to and fro and furry naps in the back seat along the way. Get to the rental car place late on Sunday night, hand over the keys and this new clean cut rep looks at me and says, ‘Did you have pets in the car sir?’ Here we f*****g go. I told him yes and and he said, ‘Well you need to clean this or it’s $250 fine.’ I ask ‘Do you have a vaccum?’ He says, ‘No.’ So I go to Duane Reade and 50 lint rolls and 30 clorox wipes later I’ve cleaned the d*** car. 1 hour of my life. The end.” – told by human Daniel



9. Mess Master: Pimm

“Pimm threw up 3 times on our way to our wedding.” – told by human Stacie



10. Mess Master: Benji

“Let me precede this fantastic story by saying that 1. The car we were in was a rental and 2. I’m a germaphobe. So, my friends and I were on our way to a retreat and I brought Benji. As we’re on our way, Benji is on my lap in his bag and all of a sudden I hear him retch a little. The thought of him throwing up and making a mess right at the beginning of a road trip made me so anxious that I cupped my hands right under his mouth only for him to throw up straight into my hands a mere millisecond later. Now the pros? The car didn’t get dirty at ALL. Cons? I had two hands filled with dog puke to the brim for about 20 minutes until we were able to stop and I could clean off.” – told by human Tazz



11. Mess Master: Roxy

“My friend who also volunteers at Buckeye Bulldog Rescue was transporting a dog. As soon as she system down the highway the pup, Roxy, started chewing on the back of the passenger seat. The next exit was too far away so the damage was done. The lesson is to always use a crate when transporting dogs you don’t know!” – told by human Robin



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