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1. GEORGIA: In Georgia, restaurants will be allowed to let pups in their outdoor dining areas, as long as the pups are kept on a leash and have no direct contact with servers, according to the law. Each restaurant can make its own decision about whether to let the pups in, though, so call ahead if you plan on dining with your fur babe.
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2. NEW YORK: Just last October, Governor Cuomo of New York signed a bill that gives restaurants the right to allow dogs to dine with their owners.
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The New York law only lets pups dine in outdoor areas of restaurants and only if no food is prepared in those areas.
3. CALIFORNIA: In 2015, California adopted the law that says it's legal for restaurants to allow pups to dine outdoors. Of course, restaurants can opt out if they want, but why would you want?
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In California, the law doesn't let you demand that you bring your pet. It simply shields restaurant owners from liability if they want to let pups on their porches (assuming they're following health code rules).
4. MARYLAND: As of 2011, Maryland also allows people to bring dogs to outdoor dining areas, which was happening years before it was even legal. Because let's face it - if you want to eat with your dog, you want to eat with your dog. In the state, restaurants have to apply to their local Department of Health and wait 30 days before allowing pups to dine out.
5. FLORIDA: And what's the point of Florida's incredible sunny weather if your pup can't enjoy it with you? Florida was the first state to pass a law saying it's legal to dine outdoors with your pup. It's been legal since 2006. Again, the law applies that any restaurant can refuse dogs.
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6. HOUSTON, TX: In Houston, dining out with your dogs is on a case-by-case basis. Restaurants have to secure expensive patio permits. Luckily, a grassroots organization called Paws on Patios has been advocating for businesses who want to obtain one.
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If you're not in any of these pup-friendly cities or states, deciding where you can eat outdoors with your pup is a tough call. has all the dog friendly restaurants around the country you could dream of!
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If You Live In Any of These 6 States, You Can Now Take Your Dog Out For a Meal

Good news for Georgians! Georgia just became the latest state to allow you to dine outdoors with your pup after many restaurants had been secretly allowing it. That means Georgia joins the list of these states that have decided eating with your dog is worth its own law.

Even if your city or state doesn’t have a dog-friendly law, chances are it does have incredible dog-friendly establishments with yummy dishes for your best bud.

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