12 of the Cutest, Most Swagtastic Dogs of Instagram: San Francisco

12 of the Cutest, Most Swagtastic Dogs of Instagram: San Francisco

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Instagram is going to the dogs! The popular photo sharing site isn’t just for pictures of your food anymore. Thousands of dogs have their own Instagram accounts, with several of them becoming bone-a-fide celebrities.

Here’s the lowdown for Instagram’s most popular canines, city by city. Some of them will be more popular than Kim Kardashian, while others are up-and-comers who we think you would love.

We start with San Francisco, home of Silicon Valley and tons of beaches for dogs to frolic in. Feel we missed anyone, or does your dog have their own Instagram? Let us know in the comments!

1. Boo

instagram boo

Of course, we have to start with Boo, The World’s Cutest Dog. This fluffy Pomeranian is one of the internet’s most popular dogs, with 17-million fans on Facebook and a hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

2. Trotter Pup


Trotter is a hipster French bulldog and her owner, artist Sonya Yu, loves to dress her up in adorable outfits, including high heels, top hats and even Star Wars cosplay.

3. California Maltese


This adorable Maltese loves Bay Area city life, and is always smiling. It’s especially cute to see her fresh after a haircut – that’s when she’s especially beaming.

4. Tuckin Around


Tucker may be a California dog now, but he’s still in touch with his Midwestern roots. A die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, Tucker loves mugging for the camera in his cheese hat and uniform.

5. Rescue Dog Katara


Katara is still up-and-coming in the Dog Instagram scene, but this black lab has a special story. Katara was rescued from a South Korean meat farm and now lives with writer and artist Kathryn Vercillo.

6. Hugo Pup


Hugo is always on the move, so much so that the camera has trouble keeping up with him! He’s a great Instagram pup for those who like a spontaneous cutie.

7. Ruckus The Eskie


Ruckus is cool, confidant and happy. He’s also got the inside info on tons of deals, if you’re ever looking for discounts on pet supplies. He’ll get you hooked up.

8. Schnauzer Schenanigans


Why have one when you can have two? This pair of rescue mini schnauzers love spending time together, and you’re rarely see one without these other on this Instagram feed. You can also catch them hanging out with their human baby sister.

9. Big City Dog


This Anatolian Pyrenees mix is a mover and a shaker, whether it’s chilling on the beach or trying to find Mark Zuckerberg’s house during a lunch break.

10. Callie The Aussie


Callie loves getting into trouble, but always manages to be too adorable not to forgive. She shares photos destroying toys, even her owner’s glasses. But she always manages a smile, and some great pics with her monthly BarkBox!

11. Tucker the Black Lab


Tucker is another up-and-comer, but his photos are just too cute to resist. He lives in San Francisco with his two moms, and his photos are full of outdoor adventures. Plus, tons of TBT to when he was a tiny puppy.

12. Unlikely Friends

Ooooh the mischief that's about to go down in our new matching @HoundCollection collars… #Hound #Twins #WatchOutSF #BFF #UnlikelyFriends

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When you’re the best of friends, right? Zoe, a female bulldog, and Bailey, a cat, have formed a bond that’s so unique, it had to be put on Instagram! The pair get into all sorts of fun together, including cuddle sessions, matching outfits and the occasional intense stare of mistrust.