18 Of The Weirdest Places In The World To Stay With Your Dog

18 Of The Weirdest Places In The World To Stay With Your Dog

Sure, you could travel and stay in 4-star resorts with pampered pooch packages. But if you’re more up for an adventure (or the type of person that likes to make their friends go, “You stayed WHERE?”) here are 18 of the weirdest places to stay in the world with your dog.

1. The Tile House in Twentynine Palms, California. $175 a night.

It’s like a ceramics glass did drugs and went, “You know what? Let’s make a house!” And then their uncle contractor helped make that LSD dream come true.


2. Brand New Studio Earthship (yes, that’s the actual name), Taos, New Mexico. $125 a night.

Maybe it’s a bunker. Maybe’s it’s a hill. Maybe it’s a spaceship that travels through the earth’s crust, down through the mantle, right into the core (shut up, I took geology 101). Either way, makes for awesome picture ops for that Facebook Album.


3. The Owl House, Hightown, United Kingdom. $121 a night.

Yes, it looks like a hobbit hole crossed with an owl, and it’s so twee you expect Zooey Deschanel to greet you, singing a song and playing the ukulele when you check in.


4. Dog Bark Park Inn B&B, Cottonwood, Idaho. $98 a night.

You stay inside a giant beagle. It’s your doge love on steroids.


5. Prana Residence, Cornwall, CT. $750 a night.

I don’t really understand what shape this is, but there’s an indoor pool and sauna so OMG YES.

indoor_pool_prana_weird_places_dog_friendly prana_dog_friendly_weird

6. Artsy Earthship, Taos, New Mexico. $150 a night.

It’s another Earthship!


7. Yurt in Savoie-Bauges, France. $76 a night.

A yurt is a traditional Mongolian structure. So it’s a traditional Mongolian structure in France. Is this weird cultural appropriation? I don’t know. I don’t judge. I just travel.


8. Mushroom Dome Cabin: #1 in Aptos, CA. $115 a night.

If The Hobbit had a baby with Avatar, the set would look like this.


9. Une bulle sous les étoiles in Dournazac, Limousin, France. $175 a night.

If you and your dog ever wanted to experience what it feels like to be the goldfish on your bookshelf (but in France)…well…there’s this.


10. No Man’s Forts, Solent Fort, Private Island Fortress, UK. Price A Lot of F**** $$.


Ok, technically nowhere on this site does it say these fortress-islands off the coast of Great Britain are dog-friendly. BUT I’m guessing if you have enough money to rent one of these babies out, you have enough money to be able to bring your dog along too. However, do not quote me. I am not rich. I do not know their ways.

11. The Liberty Hotel, Boston, MA. Prices vary, pet fee applies.


It used to be a prison. Now it’s a fancy hotel. How many people can stay they’ve stayed in “The Clink” with their dog?

12. The Titanic 5, Liverpool, England. Inquire for rates.

You can re-enact that scene from the movie and JACK CAN LIVE because damn Rose, frickin’ move over on your huge boat-sized raft of a plank.


13. Castle Trinity, Nr The Peak District, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Inquire for rates.

Um so, a castle is a weird place to stay if you are not actual royalty. #Frontin’


14. Roulotte, Loubens-Lauragais, Midi-Pyrénées, France. $105 a night.

The ideal place for those with an overly romantic view of gypsy life (or Little House on the Prairie)….


15. Beach front lighthouse Marlena, Medulin, Croatia. $293 night.

When you want to do a Rob Burgundy and retreat from the world with your Baxter: Here you go.


16. Cottage Schoolhouse by the River, Catskill, NY. $240 a night.

You spend all your life wanting to be done with school only to earn enough money to go back into one for an urban rustic-glam, historically chic vacation. #Irony


17. Les containers chambre rouge, Saintry-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France. $94 per night.

Just because it’s in France doesn’t make it any less a shipping container. Does it make it a little more cool though BECAUSE it’s a French shipping container? Well, do existentialists smoke cigarettes? Answer: Duh.


18. Ripple Bus at Hot Springs Resort, Monroe, UT, United States. $65 per night.

I myself am not a big fan of sleeping in motorized vehicles, but hey. Takes all kinds.


Featured Image via Solent Forts Facebook