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One of the best things about sharing your life with your doggie best friend is that they're always up for any adventure. Here are 50 of the most beautiful places to travel to with your dog that will take your breath away.
1. Barcelona, Spain - "Guapa! Preciosa!" These are some of the compliments your pup will hear if you take her along with you on your trip to Spain. Barcelona has many spots for you to try the local fare with your pup, and many restaurants either allow dogs inside or have terraces for pup-obsessed diners.
Source: @travel.hund
2. Oslo, Norway - Home to amazing castles and fellow dog lovers, Norway in general is a great place to bring your pup along.
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3. Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, Woodinville, Washington - Fancy having a picnic on the lawns of the oldest winery in Washington? This historic chateau is simply marvelous, and your pup will enjoy getting some fresh air while playing with friends they meet on their travels.
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4. Catalonia, Spain - This cliff, called "El Salt de la Reina Mora" (The Leap of the Moor Queen in Catalán), is named after the legend of Abdelazia, daughter of the governor of Siurana. When Christian troops descended on her town, Abdelazia chose to leap off the cliff to avoid being captured. Depressing legend aside, this place has breathtaking views you and your pup can enjoy.
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5. West Rutland, Vermont, USA - Home to the dog-friendly Paw House Inn, West Rutland would be perfect to visit in the fall to see the striking autumn foliage.
6. Helsinki, Finland - This major European city has a vibrant culture and is magical during the winter holidays.
7. Tunari National Park, Bolivia - The Tunari mountain range offers dramatic views of the Cochamba valley for any human (and pup) adventurous enough to climb to the top of Pico Tunari.
Source: @travel.hund
8. Lofoten Islands, Norway - Home to Reinebringen mountain, the Lofoten Islands are a perfect place to go backpacking with your pup.
Source: @theurbanisto
9. Horseshoe Falls, Ontario, Canada - Horseshoe Falls is on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, where leashed dogs are allowed to enjoy the grass and shade with their human counterparts.
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10. Crystal River Preserve State Park, Florida, USA - Want to see the manatees while on a kayak but you also want to bring your dog along? Totally pawssible in Crystal Springs.
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11. Budapest, Hungary - There's no reason to leave your dog behind if you're visiting Budapest. Grab some lunch at The Goat Herder and then explore the city with your best friend by your side.
Source: @dog_travels
12. Phuket, Thailand - There is no shortage of dog-friendly hotels in Phuket, and with its naturally beautiful beaches, your pup will enjoy playing fetch. Phuket is also home to the Soi Dog Foundation, a nonprofit rescue travelers recommend visiting when you're in town.
13. Jalisco, Mexico - The Mexican state of Jalisco is the second largest urban area in Mexico and home of Parque Agua Azul, a park that has an open-air House of Butterflies you can enjoy with your dog.
14. Nassau, Bahamas - Sun, sea, and friendly people: the Bahamas has everything you and your dog need to have a relaxing visit.
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15. Nasushiobara, Japan - Home of splendid waterfalls deep in the forest and the Mikaeri Suspension Bridge, you and your pup are sure to have an adventure in Nasushiobara.
16. Lake Twenty Two, Washington, USA - Sitting in the shadow of Mount Pilchuck, Lake 22 is accessed via a trail made for anyone willing to hike uphill for an hour to take in the magnificent alpine landscape.
Source: @lindabcool
17. Mount Shuksan, Washington, USA - This huge mountain, whose name means "high peak," is located in North Cascades National Park.
18. Pink Lake, Western Australia - Visit this salt lake and be amazed by its bubble gum pink color. And hey, your dog may not care what color it is, but it sure makes for an interesting photo backdrop!
19. Cinque Terre, Italy - Named for the five towns it is made of, Cinque Terre is a charming seaside village on the Italian Riviera.
Source: @rulorivero
20. Santa Catarina River, Monterrey, Mexico - Just 15 minutes away from Rufino Tamayo dog park, this is a must-visit if you've got a pooch friend with you.
21. Watch Hill, Rhode Island, USA - This coastal village is situated at the most southwestern point of the state.
22. Crissy Field, San Francisco, USA - This is a pawpular doggie spot, and a must-visit if you're in the SanFran area. Your pup will ruv having others to play with and you'll love the view of the Golden Gate Bride.
23. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA - Dogs are permitted in the Grand Canyon, but they need to be leashed. That's probably a good thing, since the thought of dogs running loose on those cliff edges is enough to make anyone nervous!
Source: @daria_and_tai
24. Dubna, Russia - Looking to enjoy the majestic forests of Russia? Dubna has a pet-friendly hotel you can stay at with your bestie. Popular activities include fishing, horseback riding, and skiing.
Source: @kirainu
25. Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California - If you ever find yourself in Mendocino, a trip to this beach is a must. Leashed dogs are allowed, and though they might not appreciate the colorful sea glass found on the beach, they'll love hanging with other pups and their humans!
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26. Porvoo, Finland - This dog-friendly town is known for this row of red houses and for the quaint buildings that surround it.
Source: @breezeturner
27. D.L. Bliss State Park, California, USA - Located on the shore of Lake Tahoe, this park is guaranteed to thrill active pups and their humans.
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28. Hämeenlinna, Finland - If medieval castles are your thing, Häme Castle will not disappoint. You will not be able to enter with your dog, but the outside view is magnificent.
29. Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA - Dog-friendly is an understatement when you're talking about Martha's Vineyard. With places to eat and stay with your dog, this is a great location for a quick getaway.
Source: @misty_pie
30. Koknese, Latvia - Koknese is home of Koknese Castle, built in 1209. The ruins are still standing, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Don't be surprised if you and your pup see some nuptials taking place -- this site provides a magical backdrop for Latvian weddings.
31. Lake Cachuma, California, USA - This artificial lake in Santa Barbara is a popular camping destination where dogs are allowed.
32. Eagle Rock, California, USA - This neighborhood is named after a big rock that kind of looks like an eagle with spread wings.
Source: @mckaradag
33. Ilgaz Mountains, Turkey - These mountains are in northwest Anatolia and are a popular winter sport destination for locals.
Source: @ourownhappy
34. Dallas Road, Victoria, British Columbia - This scenic walkway is sure to dazzle you and your pup with its view of the Olympic Mountains.
35. Esquimalt Lagoon, Colwood, British Columbia - One of seven National Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in British Columbia, this Canadian lagoon is located in the city of Colwood.
Source: @goldenwoofs
36. Balboa Park, California, USA - This beautiful park has two 24 hour off-leash areas for pups, which is great news if you feel like taking a midnight walk with your pup.
Source: Vangabonds
37. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia - This incredible salt flat is the world's largest and an awesome place to take pictures with your best friend.
Source: @jessica.jurado
38. Carpadoccia, Turkey - There are stray pups in some areas you should avoid, but for the most part your dog will be just fine accompanying you through the city.
39. Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal - This is the only national park in Portugal, and is home to some ancient megalithic tombs that are still standing.
Source: @orzata
40. Venice, Italy - Enjoy a boat ride down one of Venice's many canals, and don't forget to bring your pup!
Source: Evacomics Blog
41. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan - Dogs are a common sight at Hitachi Seaside Park! You'll notice other dog lovers busy taking pictures of their beloved dogs amongst the flora.
Source: @marusjf
42. Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales - The sprawling green hills are a doggie's version of heaven, so this place is guaranteed to please your doggie.
Source: @johnstortz
43. Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming, USA - Got an adventurous pup who loves climbing rocks and running ahead of you on trails? This is the spot for you.
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44. Red Rock Canyon State Park, California, USA - Desert views and crazy rock formations are in your future if you've got Red Rock Canyon on your itinerary.
Source: @sparkly_bubbly
45. Switzerland - The Swiss are generally dog-friendly, so anywhere you go in Switzerland you'll feel welcome to bring your dog. It's a dog lover's paradise.
46. Salvation Mountain, California, USA - This man-made national treasure is a sight to see for humans. It's in the middle of nowhere but hard to miss.
Source: @lnicoleadler
47. Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA - This dog-friendly lake is great for water-loving pups who'd love to go for a dip! You can even rent a boat and bring your dog along!
Source: @dogswhotravel
48. Kent Lake, California, USA - With beautiful scenery, a clean lake for a quick dip, and hiking trails surrounding it, Kent Lake is the pawfect place to get some fresh air with your pup.
49. Cottonwood Lakes, California, USA - Located in the Inyo National Forest, the Cottonwood Lakes Trail leads to Mount Langley, so if you're the hiking type, this one's a great spot to visit with your dog.
50. Travertine Hot Spring, California, USA - Fans of hot springs will enjoy this location with its sweeping sierra views. It's a popular place, so be prepared to meet others looking for a chance to soak for a few in the natural pools.
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50 Unbelievably Beautiful Travel Destinations Your Dog Will Love To Explore With You

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