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San Francisco is sure to cost you more then your average city, but with a whopping 174 dog friendly restaurants to choose from it is sure to be well worth it. If you can't decide what to eat, take your pooch to one of their many parks.
Las Vegas is is the driest city on the list with a chance of rain on about 15 days a year. Thus making the worry of "wet dog" smell extremely less. One down side is that your canine buddy is not allowed in the ever so popular casinos.
It's no surprise Denver is cold, and skiing is a popular sport that many dogs enjoy. It also has 76 dog friendly restaurants to give you the fuel for your activities.
San Diego lands the number one spot for finding chow, with it's 187 restaurants that allow dogs. It also offers 7 shopping centers that you can bring your pet with you when you go on your next shopping spree.
Albuquerque is New Mexico's biggest city, and not shockingly this desert region provides great weather with a whole 28 days a year of rain. It ranks 11th in terms of dog parks and has over 40 dog friendly restaurants.
Sacramento has no shortage of things to do with your pup. While there are 58 dog friendly restaurants in the city, you should add the cute local favorite The Shack to your list.
Chicago is certainly one of the most walkable cities on the list, but most days you will need to bundle up due to it's chilly temps. To stay warm you can grab some grub at one of the 144 dog friendly restaurants.
Minneapolis is a highly walkable city, but you will needs a jacket to combat the cold. This Midwest city even offers 42 restaurants to beat the cold in.
Tucson is great for its weather, as it only rains 23 days a year. It's terrain allows for ample parks and activities to keep your pup fit.
New York ranks number one for being the best place to hoof it with your furry friend. This busy city also offers plenty of options to eat with 141 dog lovin' restaurants.
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The Top 10 U.S. Cities For Dogs And The Humans Who Love Them

According to TripIt, 77% of people chose their travel plans based on their pets. For some, that means finding a reliable pet sitter, but for others it means finding pet-friendly hotels, attractions, restaurants, and access to ample space. So where do you find these dream locales? Smart Asset recently uncovered the dog friendliest cities in America using criteria ranging from weather to dog-friendly restaurants. Click through the slideshow to see the results and then you can plan your next vacay – or maybe move to a swanky new city all for the love of your pup.

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