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In the summer of 2012 John Stortz came across a striking white Husky at a shelter in Long Island.
Together they are unstoppable! To see more of their incredible friendship and track their journeys together, follow John on Instagram.
The connection between the pair was instant. John adopted the young adult pup and named him Wolfgang.
John discovered that he loved taking photos of Wolf enjoying the scenery.
Amid the canyons...
and through the valleys, the pair traversed this beautiful country one stop at a time.
On their first road trip together, John and Wolfgang traveled from New York to California, then back east to South Carolina.
Exploring the wild areas of the beautiful state,
and Wolf was liberated from the shelter and given a second chance to embark on a life of love and adventure with his beloved pawrent.
From coast to coast...
Up the mountains...
Wolfgang has been in John's life for less than 4 years, but the impact of their relationship is clear in John's art.
Into the forests...
The striking pup turned out to be a pretty talented model and muse.
He's a natural born explorer.
And he loves every moment he gets to spend with his dad.
Plus, he made some interesting friends along the way.
John was surprised to find that his exploits with Wolf were drawing the interest of tens of thousands of Instagram followers.
This led to opportunities to meet new friends across the country,
and work on the projects that truly sparked his passion and creativity.
John discovered two great loves on that first trip:
The colorful mountains of the west,
particularly Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.
And he became fascinated with the abandoned homesteads,
And ghost towns that dot the countryside.
The beauty of nature as it reclaims its turf,
And the effects of time on man made structures.
Wolf loved every part of that trip.
John and Wolf fell so in love with Wyoming that they spent the next year living in a small cabin there.
Next it was off to California,
John describes Wolfgang as a "moody teenager," but as you can see, he's also a bit of a dingus.
As well as the gorgeous cityscapes.
Aside from his extraordinary photography,
John is also a remarkable canine portrait artist.
John rescued his muse and best friend,
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Man And His Husky Travel the Country And It’s Just Gorgeous

John Stortz and his pup Wolfgang have a friendship that will last a lifetime, and the adventures they share traveling from coast to coast will make you want to grab your BFF and hit the road.

All Images Courtesy of John Stortz/Instagram