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The Hua Hin District in Thailand is home to the Inu Cafe', which is exactly what it sounds like: a cafe full of the owners' dozen Shiba Inus.
Los Angeles' first ever Dog Cafe is a win/win: Not only do you get to grab a drink with pups of all ages and sizes, but every dog housed at the cafe is also up for adoption.
South Korea is known for its dog cafes, one of which being Bau House. Here there is a 100 percent chance a dog will beg for the treats you can purchase at the counter while you sip on your coffee.
If you ever find yourself in Quezon City in the Philippines, Barkin' Blends Dog Cafe has dozens of in-house dogs -- and delicious burgers named after them -- ready for some lovin'.
If you're looking for some puppy love in New Delhi, look no further than Puppychino. Not only does this dog cafe have pups of its own, but it's also a great place to bring your own pooch for some special doggy snacks or a playdate.
CuBs & CuPs in Kuala Lumpur is home to two Huskies and a Pomeranian, who love playing with dogs who come and visit the Malaysian cafe.
Tourists and locals alike flock to Dog Heart from Aquamarine in Tokyo to visit (and even walk) the cafe's dogs, which includes several toy Poodles and a friendly Beagle.
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7 Dog Cafes Around the World Where You Can Actually Pet All The Dogs

Being a dog lover without a dog of your own makes it nearly impossible to get your daily dose of puppy smooches every day. Thankfully, fellow entrepreneurial dog lovers felt the same way, which is why dog cafes are the restaurant world’s newest trend. “We can’t have a pet dog so [I] was very excited to visit and take one of the dogs for a walk,” one user wrote on Trip Advisor after visiting Dog Heart in Tokyo, Japan. Click through our slideshow to learn more about some of the many dog cafes popping up around the world — and maybe even plan a trip to visit one!

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