Dog Helps Save Kangaroo from Drowning

Dog Helps Save Kangaroo from Drowning

An Australian dog alerted his hoomans to a kangaroo’s pawdicament when it jumped or fell into a backyard pool. Along with help from a wildlife expert, the hoomans were able to rescue the poor ‘roo, and it is doing well after treatment at an animal hospital.


But this isn’t the first time a pooch has taken kangaroo into its heart. There’s the charming story of Rex, the Pointer-mix, who rescued an orphaned joey and brought it all the way back his home!


Source: Dog Heirs

Even though they became fast friends, Rex’s mamz made sure to get the little joey the proper care he needed by bringing him to Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary. The lil guy was named Rex Junior, in pawnor of his rescuer, and was released back into the wild as an adult.


Source: Dog Heirs

The dog-kangaroo combo is one of the cutest friendships we’ve seen, and it’d be a lie if we said we didn’t have our paws crossed in hopes of coming across a few more!

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